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APixaban for life due to PE - wondering about diet instead

Hi, I had a blood clot phlebitis then thrombosis which led to a PE. I also have diverticulitis which makes me particularly susceptible to bleeding caused by the anticoagulant effect.

Its getting to me to be honest and am wondering about quality of life etc.

Having read some books, I see a mainly plant based diet is a good idea for diverticulitis, avoiding seeds, processed foods, and going with plenty of soluble vegetable matter. So it got me thinking that perhaps undigested food was in some way responsible for my clot. So much literature shows that clots and heart disease are not at all present in parts of the world where they follow mainly plant based diet, whole foods etc.

I am enbarking on a vegetarian diet with no fine ground flours or processed foods, each day fill my boots with loads o veg. Eventually I want to stop the Apixaban.

Its a risk, I know, but am not sure I can cope with the effects the Apixaban has on me, lowered libido, depression.

I have sometimes not taken my med and it seems ok.

Interested in comments /thoughts on the diet with regards to the risk of clotting.


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"..it got me thinking that perhaps undigested food was in some way responsible for my clot. " In that undigested particles of food can enter the bloodstream


Any diet that relies primarily on home-cooked, unprocessed food is ideal, whether or not you allow meat, fish or dairy. Don't stop your medication without discussing the pros and cons with your haematologist, though.


If it was me then I would not be happy to rely solely on food to protect me from clots. Not if I had had a serious life-threatening clot such as a PE. Do they know the reason for your clot? Have they tested you for clotting illnesses such as Antiphospholipid Syndrome?

I do understand that diverticulitis complicates matters because of the bleeding. Anticoagulation is a balance between the risks of a serious clot compared to the risks of serious bleeding. You really need to talk this through with a consultant and make sure they do lots of blood tests to ensure you don’t have a clotting illness too.

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Hi Phildob. I agree entirely. I have been on the Apixaban for 8 months and I hate it. Aching shoulders and lower back. Peeing more and feeling thirsty ++

Also strained and tired eyes. Generally just feeling older and dehydrated. Theu have given me a diabetes test which was negative as I am (was) generally fit and slim and relatively healthy.

A friend of mine in Germany haf x2 Stents put into heart x3 months ago and was given ASS Dexocel protect 100 (basically Aspirin with coated stomach protector). He has had no similar side effects like me on Apixaban. His cardiologist says he would not touch Apixaban with a barge pole!!!!.

Makes you wonder!!!




Have you checked to determine whether you have any genetic mutations which would increase your likelihood of getting clots. The gene mutations I am speaking of include Factor V Leiden, Prothrombin etc..

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Please persevere. I too am on Apixaban having tried Warfarin and and another one which caused bleeding. I also have diverticulitis and suffered dreadfully but I was hospitalised for 7 weeks last year following a heart attack and pneumonia and the dietician put me on a lactose free diet - what a difference. Try it. It has certainly helped my diverticulitis. I also have other things going on including rheumatoid arthritis and epilepsy so take 10 different tablets in the morning and 9 at night. All medication has side effects but I’m just glad I’m still here to enjoy life. Do have a word with your GP about your bleeding. What suits one person may not be the best for another.


Ive been on apixaban for a few years and don't think these are the side effects so look into it carefully before stopping The plant based diet is a really good idea!


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