Any one has experience of the dose of enoxaparin.becoz my wife has prothetic heart valve and pregnant cardiologist recommend her 60mg clexane twice daily but her weight is about 78 kg.plz what is the suitable dose

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  • I also have a mechanical v sd lve snd had come off warfarin a nd been injecting with clexane/enoxaparin twice daily.

    However I am not a medical practicioner. My dose was 100mg based on 1mg per kg weight.

    I would advise that you speak to your cardiologist again for an explanation or INR doctor if you want a second opinion.

    I assume your wife is pregnant not the cardiologist but you may need a reduced rate due to the pregnancy.

  • Thank you for your reply but I want to know would you continue 100mg enoxaparin twice daily several months?

  • I stopped taking my warfarin last Saturday and started the twice daily clexane on tusday when my INR was below 2.

    I had an op on Wednesday midday and had the last clexane at 10 the prevoius night. I resumed clexane at 10 pm after the op and have continued with 12 hourly doses. I resumed my warfarin Thursday night and will continue with both until my INR again is in excess of 2. I then stop the clexane.

    Hope that helps.


  • Thanx very much .I ask Allah to cure and bless you

  • Is it clexane by injection as I have this for clot on lung, for my pe , which is 1.5 per kg, if its for her heart you can check on nice British drug site online and find out dose however the doctors should be informing you so go back and ask

  • 1.5mg /kg twice or once?

  • Just once a day, but please check with your doctor or pharmacist as ,dose is also according to condition, as previously I was just on 40 ml daily when my leg was broken in a cast. Which when came out of cast was stopped however 5 months later had dvt that travelled to my lung , so now on 143 a day as my weight is 93kg

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