Thank you for adding me to this site. I did post a while back about my leg as unsure of problem. I finally got an answer from the gp saying I have thrombophlebitis. I get excruciating pain about three inches up from behind my leg from the under side of my knee ( underside of thigh) especially when on car journeys and train then my foot sometimes swells. I have a visible various vein on same leg all down inside of thigh that goes up and down.

Would this come under this ste please?

I did have the various vein scanned and they said it was borderline needing treatment this was a few years ago ( with more varicose veins coming behind knee).

I know losing weight will help but I'm not sure im in the right forum.

Many thanks

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  • I still get that uncomfortable feeling at the back of my thigh when I'm travelling and sitting for long periods of time.

    After my DVT I was diagnosed with post thrombotic syndrome the nerve pain was terrible.

    It has eased off. The very icy cold weather triggers my pain off.

    I take two Co codamol before travelling this helps with my pain.


  • Thank you for your reply it's really appreciated. I have had to do that while travelling I will try it before I leave like you do thank you.

    I have not had a clot that I know of just painful veins never any enlarged calf I do get frequent small brushing in that area. I wasn't sure if I should really be in this forum but sometimes it can be excruciatingly painful.

    I have not been scanned for a clot and the Dr didn't mention anything other than thrombophlebitis and never really said what that was.

    I tore my calf muscle on the same leg October 15 and only tail end of last year does it feel any better.

    Sometimes it felt light giggling in my top bit of my calf like blood going through an egg timer then month later this behind my thigh started and the top part of my calf was less painful and weird feeling then sometimes the pain goes between the two parts.

    I need to lose weight I know but I'm laying on my side in bed now on the left side and already I can feel soreness behind my thigh.

    I feel like a walking disaster lol

  • Try sleeping with your leg elevated I put a pillow under my leg it helps.

    Hope you get some relief soon