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Very scary diagnosis

I had a lot of swelling and hip pain during my pregnancy this was put down to being pregnant. I had my beautiful little boy and took him home.

For three weeks I was in agony with swollen legs and hip pain. I was also having mini embolisms but that symptom was put down to exhaustion. I felt like I had just had him.

By the end of the third week I had lost mobility I was in agony and couldn't walk. First doctor said I had a trapped nerve in my hip and back.

My symptoms became a lot worse and not only was I unable to walk my temp was sky rocketing and I was extremely ill. To cut to the chase I was went to hospital they couldn't find the infection they thought I had. so sent me for a cat scan. The results of the scan came back and they had found I had many blood clots. In my legs, hips and stomach.

The largest clot is sitting there in my largest vein at the top of my stomach. To make things worse they found a hole in my heart so if any of the many clots wanted to travel they could go to my brain. They believe my pregnancy provoked the clots.

They had never seen anything like this. For the first three days they weren't confident I would be alive. so I have been treated like a freak show and I have been seen by over twenty different consultants. Each time I meet a new doctor they tell me how lucky I am to be alive and all the instances I could of died. Like having a natural birth.

I have been unable to walk until this week (two months later). I can't carry him or do many of the exciting things new mums do. I am on a high dose of blood thinners so I am like one big bruise my new born bopping me feels like he is Mike Tyson. I'm on very strong painkillers which allow me to walk a short distance around the house. It's going to be a long recovery.

I am very lucky for somebody who has been so unlucky. I've fought really hard to get better and being able to walk is a big thing. My son is an angel and isn't hard work. But I've had no choice but to let everybody else take over and now I feel useless and very depressed. I know I should be thankful and I am! I just feel very depressed. I know I'm very blessed to have my son.

I know I'm lucky and in some respects I feel very selfish. I do Just feel very down and teary.

Has anybody else had anything like this?

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I had a blood clot when I was 10 weeks pregnant. My leg was in pain went to gp he said there's no signs of a clot bearing in mind I had a previous clot from the pill.

So I went to A&E SURE enough I had a clot.

I've got factor 5 leiden blood clotting abnormality.

So when I fell pregnant with my daughter I was on anticoagulants all the way through the pregnancy.

So after 17.5 years I've had no bother until August this year when I was in Turkey my leg was throbbing I just put it down to having a pulled muscle I took the chance and flew home!!!

I've only got a blood clot the in my main vein from my groin all the way down to my knee I'm so lucky to be alive!!!

I've now got post thrombotic syndrome this could be due to not getting the compression stockings for 4 months!!

Just try taking it easy and try to enjoy your baby.

It's common to get a clot during pregnancy you may need to be tested for clotting disorders.



Me, snap in 1996 I was pregnant with my son and about 36 weeks I was admitted with pre eclampsia and the pain in my legs were excruciating but no one listened, my blood pressure was through the roof and I couldn't sleep on my sides due to the pain and swelling, but at 38 weeks I had my son, I couldn't hold him as I had drips coming out of both arms (also with an infection) and wasn't getting out till my temperature came down, eventually after 5 days I got home with my son bug I was exhausted and mentioned this to my doctor at the pre natal exam I couldn't walk the length of myself and my legs were in agony, only a few days later I collapsed at home alone with my baby son, when I came round I. Phoned my mum she, when she arrived she called the doctor and I was rushed to hospital, I was very lucky to be alive I was told my blood pressure was through the the roof my blood oxygen was in the low 80s and my heart rate was like running a marathon! Whilst lying in your bed! I was in a bad way I have a massive 1/4 mass in my lung and numerous every where else, but my GP said it was just because I had a baby! She almost killed me, I missed out 3 months of my sons life due to being unable to care for him! I also had heaps of doctors round me and medical students that kept listening to my heart (it was like a double heartbeat?) blood taking morning noon and night it was awful after 10 days of various drugs I was stable to leave on antibiotics, pain killers and blood thinners and advised not to have anyone children I was devastated. Since then I have been diagnosed with post thrombotic syndrome and a blood clotting disorder called at3, that I have passed to my son, and your story is so simaliar to mine and I wish you all the very best it is very very hard but with support you will be just fine X


What a lot to have to go through! I am glad that they have got some of the problems sorted now, and things are moving in the right direction.

About 1 in 8 new mothers get post-natal depression, even without all the difficulties you have had, and the heartbreak of not being able to care for your son in the way that you would like. I suggest that you ask for help with your unhappiness now, as you could slide down into a bad place. It is very hard to do anything to make yourself better when you are struggling with day-to-day living with a small child.

Go and see your GP, or talk to one of the other medical professionals that you feel happy with. Tell them about how difficult things are, and how it makes you feel. They see this all the time -- 1 in 8 mothers! -- and will be able to help.

Good luck!


Thank you x


First of all you are not alone. I felt the way you felt, but God pulled me through. I had my son in November of 2004 and then in February of 2005, I just started passing out. I had gestational diabetes with my pregnancy, had a c-section, anthem when I had had him one side of my body was so swollen, but no one knew the cause and it eventually resolved.

Anyway, in February, I started passing out. I would stand up and fall down. It got to the point that I had to have someone home with me or off no one was home, sit on the floor, so I would not drop the baby. Then the vertigo started. I could not tell when the car was stopped or not, so I could not drive. Severe headaches. I did not know what was going on and I had two small children 2 yrs old and a newborn.

This thing went on and off for three years. I would pass out. I would walk into walls because I saw 2 and picked the wrong one. I could not really tell my family how truly was be at times.I could not even count money. I played it off.

I saw so many doctors. Hard so many tests. No body could figure it out and some really did care.

Well, finally a smart doctor said let's give her a chemical.heart stressors test and they found that I had SVT, it was very hard to catch, got the ablations. It took 2 and then came the blood clots in which we found out I have a genetic blood condition called protein C deficiency - I clot abnormally.

Then came the blurred vision, vomiting, and explosive headaches -pseudotumor Cerebrii. When it rains, it pours. I had to sit in the house in the dark, with earplugs. Finally shot a shunt.

Through it all, I did months of pain management, my family helped me and even though I felt lonely at times because no one understood, God did.

What I did.learn is you are.capable of anyway,because you are going to be uncomfortable anyway, so you might as well be happy doing it.

Smile even though you don't feel like it and then it will become a habit and you won't notice the discomfort as much and enjoy your family. Family is so important.


What a time you've had and don't ever underestimate your inner strength . I know what it feels like to feel useless, inadequate after many years of being crippled with the pain of arthritis, along with COPD and several other health issues. Then I suffered a pulmonary embolism , am on warfarin for life.

You are indeed very blessed to have your little boy and it will be him who will give you the strength you need to push forward when feeling the most depressed and exhausted. Our children exhaust us but are also our motivators as they need us , even when we ourselves are disabled.

Like Tracey13, I have to wear compression hosiery every day, both for post thrombotic syndrome and severe lymphedema. Perhaps you also should be wearing them. I have Nurse Maude come every day to put them on as I haven't the strength, having previously had fractures in my hand, shoulder and collar bone .

All the very best and hang in there, you have already come through so much, just enjoy your greatest Blessing all you can but never feel guilty over your fatigue and tears, it's all part of it.

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I was just reading over some posts and I saw yours. I pray you are doing better. I just started Xarelto. One pill versus 5 Coumadin works for me. I feel almost normal. I still don't bleed like normal people and have to be careful, but I don't have to.use that machine! Yay! I pray you and your family have a WONDERFUL HOLIDAY SEASON!


You poor dear! You have been very brave and understandable how, with a new baby, you just kept pushing through. I hope you've had some moments of joy with your wee son during the year to counteract your depression and scary experience. All the very best. x


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