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Varicose veins or DVT or something else???

For about twelve months I have had a slight swelling on the inside of my lower leg sort of inside the calf muscle. Saw my gp last year but he couldn't really see anything wrong. Just recently its got worse. More swollen, not really painful may feel a bit odd at times, sometimes and especially when Im driving like a band is round the mid calf, again not painful. I find its worse at the end of the day and by morning its normal! Have just restarted the gym (yet again) don't think its helping the swelling tho!! Any ideas?? Its going down now, just seem to be a few broken veins around where the main part of the swelling is, possibly about the size of a 10p

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I wouldn't let it lie it needs checking out I've had 3 blood clots now and they've all been different symptoms. Best to be on the safe side.

They do a d dimer blood test it takes minutes to do this will rule a clot out straight away. Level should be below 230 this shows no dvt my level was 2514 I was told it didn't look like a blood clot.


It could be a lot of things, it does need checking out as Tracey says

I would make an appointment to see my GP today if possible



I am a nurse but please do not worry but get yourself an immediate appointment with your GP or doctor, if you have a walk in surgery then go there ASAP.

You CAN NOT just leave this, it could be a varicose vein, the start of a DVT, both or muscular but get checked ASAP and rule out what it isn't. Then they can treat it.

Take Care


It requires further investigation. As mentioned, there are relatively straightforward tests that will eliminate a DVT, thus giving you peace of mind! Good luck!


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