Side effects taking amoxicillin (3g in one dose)

I had a replacement aortic valve 14 years ago and was told to always take 3g of amoxicillin in a glass of water1 hour before dental treatment. This was fine for about 5 years and then I started getting a sore mouth. My mouth has got worse and worse over the years. This year I needed 2 extractions in a month and taking 2 doses of antibiotic close together has given me extreme pain and discomfort which has continued until the present time. My GP cannot find anything wrong and has treated me with fluconazole, and I permanently have to use Benzydamine spray for a some relief. I am seeing an oral consultant in a few weeks and hope he comes up with a cure. I have googled the symptoms and have come up with Burning Mouth Syndrome and Lichen planus candida. I am 80 years old and enjoy good health. Has anyone had a similar problem?


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