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Save painkiller

I had an ankle operation some forty years ago followed by a DVT and P.E. This has caused me to have a infrequent ulcer on the scar tissue .I managed the pain by taking various pain killers .However recentley I was admitted to hospital with ?Meningitis followed by another DVT and massive P.E. two weeks after been discharged from the Meningitis condition .I am now on warfarin for life and have another scar tissue ulcer and need pain relief .Paracetemol seems the only option but only at low doses for a short time .Perhaps someone may known of an alternative ?

Roger Arthur

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Do not take any anti inflammatory medication, ibuprofen etc that will effect your INR, I take paracetamol for pain, I don't know why you should only be on it for a short time, unless you have another medical issues as well. I have also taken it with codeine in the past, please check with your doctor or pharmasist as I am not medically trained.


Some people are certainly on paracetamol long-term. I would discuss what is safe for you with your doctor -- if they say your dose of paracetamol is OK, then you don't need to worry.


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