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Hi haven't put anything on for awhile been in hospital again with chronic bronchitis and Asthma my blood clots have left scaring in my lungs and I am feeling very unhappy and unwell Lots of chest pain and tiredness and shortness of breath just wondered if any body else feels like this after their PE I am on warfarin its 2.9 at the moment can't seem to get it stable my dr would like it 2,4

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  • Good morning, it might be a good idea if you see your Doctor again, I know I felt like this when my iron stores were low, not enough to cause anaemia but enough to feel awful, also vit D levels please see your Doctor because everyone's differnt

    Hope you feel better soon

  • I saw my dr this week I am not anaemic still have blood clots and scarring in my lungs which is causing all my chest pains tiredness just need to give myself more time

    Thanks for your advise

  • My INR is unstable and I've had 5dvt's and 2 PE's. Don't worry too much about your INR being 2.9. Mine is 4.5 at the moment and ranges from 1.7 to 5.6. I visit the anti-coag nurses every week at least to keep an eye on it and my warfarin dose goes from 6mg this week, to 10+.

    2.4 is a 'target' level and not vital that your reading is exactly that. The higher the level, the less chance of a clot. My target level is 3+. Just remember that the higher the INR, the more chance you will bleed, so be careful. You should always go to A&E if you bang your head, so they can make sure you don't have a bleed on your brain.

    Also having lung problems myself, I have huge issues with tiredness, and sleep a lot!! I try and not let this all bother me, because as I say whenever anyone asks me how I am, I always reply "I'm still here, thanks".

    People think that's a joke, but it isn't!! I'm just glad to be still here :)

    If in doubt, always check with your doctor or anti-coag nurses.

  • Thank you for your reply it was most help full I am going back to my lung Physician next week as my lung pain and tiredness is getting me down also suffer with headaches which worry me

  • It might be worth your while to have tests to rule out pulmonary hypertension.

  • Hi what is pulmony hypertension ? And where do you get checked for it if you do have it ?

  • It is a condition caused by the right hand side of the heart working harder than it was designed for to pump blood around the body. PE's can cause this and an echocardiogram is one of the tests available to diagnose such a condition.

  • Thank you for your reply I am seeing my dr about all this next week

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