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When do i go gp or hospital

Wonder if anyone can help. July 2014 i had unprovoked dvt in left knee and huge dvt in pelvis, both now calcified with a lot of scar tissue damage, also pe's both lungs. I live in pain, i accept this and manage with oramorph and co codamol but just lately I've been getting a heaviness in my chest but i know if i go to see my gp hell and me to casualty and if i go there they will prob keep me in and i don't think i need all that. What could be wrong. I'm on dalteparin for life

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You definitely need to be seen we are not Doctors and if I were you I would go to hospital, but at the very least see your Gp today call the emergency phone 111 where they could advise you about which to see.

Never mess about with chest pain always get medical advice ambulance if necessary.


I agree with Daisy. You need to seek medical help quickly. The simplest way would be to present yourself to A&E and see what the outcome is. As I understand it, even in these authoritarian times, the hospital authorities can't force you to remain in hospital. But at least you would hopefully get a clearer idea of your clinical condition and perhaps a review of your medication and treatment.


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