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Hi everyone

Just been diagnosed dvt (behind the knee left leg) after 3 months on crutches due to a fall I am 54

Started warfarin yesterday I have been told I am on it for life because of family history sister sadly died of PE, mum and dad both on warfarin.

Also have to wear compressin stockings for 2 years

Questions I have got our

Is there any difference between a distal Dvt and proximal dvt ( which I have ) risk wise ?

And do I have to wear full length stockings or can I wear short ones

Thanks soft lad

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  • Morning happy new year, you really need to ask these questions to your Gp, I am not a Doctor but I would have thought a DVT behind the knee is just where your blood clot was,being on a warfarin isn't to bad at least it will save you from having another clot.

    I test my own blood I bought my machine and luckily the Gp prescribes the test sticks

    I have Hughes syndrome so my INR has to be in the range of around 3.5

    It might be worth a look at the site on here or the Hughes foundation site.

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