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I had a DVT almost six months ago and went on a 3 month course of warfarin. Which seemed to work as the pain and swelling went. However just over a week ago I started limping again and had pain in my calf again the same place as before. I have been feeling pretty rough last couple of days feeling tired and light headed with tight chest pains and nearly fainted a couple of times. Felt really bad last night so took a trip to A and E . I had quite a few tests done ECG, oxygen levels in my blood and a chest X-ray . But they didn't show anything and results were normal. Doc said it must be a muscle complaint causing my chest pain. He also done a D Dimer blood test which did come back high, and as I have a history of blood clots he has put me in for an ultra sound on my leg which I'm still waiting for. I still feel pretty crappy today and still have a tight chest which is painful at times and generally feel nackered and worn out. Ive heard of PE but don't really know anything about it as last time I had a clot I didn't feel like this. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

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  • Hello Richyb78. Sorry to hear that things aren't going well for you. I suffered a PE firstly in 1995 and then mother nature decided to give me a repeat performance back in 2002! For me, the pain came on suddenly and there was never a gradual build up of discomfort to which became unbearable? The pain for me was across my chest and also across my upper back / lungs and I was unable to breathe without severe pain? I would have logically thought that they should have done an ultrasound while you were there. I hope that you get an appointment very soon. Perhaps a call to your gp since you have a history of clotting might get your gp to rush an appointment through quicker for you? I'm sure that folks here will be able to offer additional advice and further information for you. Take care.

  • I would get myself back to A&E this morning asap. It's a shame that our hospitals don't have enough staff to be use all the equipment they have 24 hours/day.

    (My daughter ended up in A&E in Bulgaria in agony with stomach pain. She had ultrasound and diagnosis within an hour or so of a gall bladder blockage. You don't hear often of that response in the UK!)

  • You definitely need to see someone today, either Gp or go back to A&E

  • I think I should also mention that I had a heart attack caused by a blood clot, having Hughes syndrome makes me more likely to clot I am now on Warfarin for life.

    The clots from the leg if they are going to travel go to the lungs

    Hope you get the treatment you may need today

  • Hi, Agree that you should go back and get a scan. Ultrasound on my legs were negative as my DVT was in my groin and my PE never showed up until I had a CT. Insist on a CT.

  • It may be something else.

    I've had 2 PE's, no pain at all with either, just short of breath whenever I did slight exertion but everyone's mileage will vary.

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