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DVT and pain relief

Hi been having severe pain in my leg mainly calf and behind knee, since Monday .Although most of it feels heavy and sore now. Went to A&E last night and was give a d dimer test which came back as high. Was told I will need an ultrasound but prob won't be able to get in until Wednesday . Typical bank holiday. Was given six clexane injections to last me till the scan. But pain is alot worse today was hoping for advice on best pain relief. Thanks.

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Richyb78. Sorry but I am not a great expert on pain relief but provided that you are NOT taking Warfarin there is very little in the way of pain relief which reacts badly with Clexane. If you are taking Warfarin then you should stick to moderate doses of Paracetamol only as most other things affect your INR badly.

Some folk I know find Co-Codamol very effective.


Thank you Pbirt. I've only got ibuprofen in the house at the moment. But think I will send out for some co codamol. Thanks.


Your only option is paracetamol without affecting your INR. Taking correctly they are very effective. Take the maximum dosage per 24 hours spread evenly and don't stop when you feel less pain as that is a sign they are working. If you keep up this 'regime' you will be fine until Wednesday pain wise, I should think. This is what I have been recommended by a vein surgeon!


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