do I have DVT???

do I have DVT???

hi everyone, Im 30 years mother of 2 (10&4) ...Two years ago I find 4 lumps under my right knee at the back of my leg plus its hurts ... and the pain goes up to my tigh I've been to GP and she seems not bother...she just smiled and says Im to young to get treatment. Im not driving so walking a lot to take my kids to school (30min one way) or go shopping and after busy day suffering a lot. I bought tights but not really helpful ... after reading a few post,symptoms etc..wondering I could have DVT as have chest pain sometimes as well. Didnt get any blood test or anything like that...Really worried now as I dnt want to leave my kids and husband alone just because no one was bother to help me :////////

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  • Hi lucynaH. It may or may not be anything to worry about but you are right to take it seriously and it is a pity your GP doesn't seem to. You could ring 111 and ask their advice or go to your local hospital "walk in centre" or even A&E but you should get a medic to look at it seriously and either sort it out or reassure you that there is no DVT. You could of course see another GP, maybe at the same practice or go back to your own GP and simply tell him you are not satisfied and want a scan or second opinion to make a clear diagnosis. There is nothing to stop a 30 year old from getting a DVT but apart from what you have described a DVT would be likely to cause quite a bit of swelling and redness in your leg. I am sure that there is no need to panic but do persevere until you are satisfied that a reassuring diagnosis has been made.

  • Agree with PBirt re redness/mauveness and swelling. Don't be afraid of the medics/GP, demand an answer and stress the stress its causing you. Hate to add, but it almost looks like a varicose vein issue - I have a number. But of course, I'm no medic so please, please get to see yours. Good luck and fingers crossed. TC

  • I would get it checked out with with your GP or at a&e department especially if the pain is travelling up your leg. I have 5 clots in my legs so i know what I am talking about now I recgonise the pains now! to know when it is a DVT. I went straight to a&E last week I am glad I did!

  • It could be Baker's cyst (popliteal cyst). I had it for two years before I heard it given a name.

    Just behind my knee (one) and very painful. It disappeared of its own. My GP knew about my behind the knee pain and never helped. Do better than I did.

    Ask whether it could be a popliteal cyst. Let us know the outcome.

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