I was diagnosed with a Dvt in my thigh after surgery in February. I will hopefully come off warfarin in August and I will wear my compression stockings for the next two years. I haven't heard from my consultant since the day my dvt was diagnosed to find out how my treatment is going (the anti-coag nurse is trying to chase him up for me). I still have a lot of pain in my leg even when wearing my stocking and I'm wondering if it's worthwhile asking for a follow up ultrasound to determine whether the clot has gone or if it's caused any permanent damage. Is it worth my while asking or should I just accept that my leg is going to be painful for ever. I feel I should be having some sort of contact with the consultant rather than just being sent home and forgotten about.

Any answers would be appreciated.

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  • Well 'fedup33' I am surprised that you have been left in the dark - this it terrible! It's no wonder you are feeling so fed up? At least your anti coag nurse is on the case. What does your own local doctor say - have you seen your own doctor yet? I seriously suggest that you seek further professional medical help as leaving you in limbo is stressful and also risky! Speak to your anti coag nurse and also your doctor. Take care. I lose you will get answers to your dilemma very soon. Good luck.

  • "asking for a follow up ultrasound to determine whether the clot has gone or if it's caused any permanent damage. Is it worth my while asking or should I just accept that my leg is going to be painful for ever"

    You are asking the right questions: get to a professional. I agree with above writer.

    My experience is that the leg will stop hurting. However, clots do not go away. Coagulation drug wil prevent new ones. Let us know, what is happening. Love.

  • fedup33.. You should get an appointment to see the haemotologist just before you are due to come off warfarin. I have had DVT myself and have constant pain in my leg and have now been diagnosed with Post Thrombotic Symdrome and have been given compression stockings, unfortunatley I will have this condition for life and have to take painkillers also,but due to a family history of DVT/PE have to stay on warfarin for life which is a pain! Please make sure you get to see the haemotologist before the end of your treatment. Good Luck ......

  • I was also diagnosed having DVT. I am on anti coagulants for last three months. As per my doctor the clot do not dissolve but the pain has been gone and also there is less swelling in my leg. I am also wearing compression stockings.

    I suggest you go to your doctor and get clear your queries.

  • I have had two extensive DVTs now. No underlying cause has been found. The first one left me with residual swelling and discomfort. This time round I went to the Drs twice as I knew things weren't right. Wouldn't refer me. Ended up going to out of hours once my leg ballooned overnight!! I am now on warfarin for life and my Dr wont even prescribe the strips for self-monitoring!! It seems to be the case that there is no aftercare at all. Infrequent blood testing too. My consultant appointment was a joke and not worth the time attending it. Do go armed with a list of questions though - you may do better than I did. I had my appointment(s) four months after the dvts.

  • I was diagnosed with a DVT in my thigh in July & saw a doctor for 5 mins literally the day after, I'm now on Warfarin for an estimated 6 months. Nobody knows what caused it & worried because unlike everyone else on here my doctor dismissed stockings & said I shouldn't wear them even though my job requires me to stand for 11 hrs a day. I asked the nurse at the warfarin clinic what my long term diagnosis was & she said " you've got a blood clot in a deep vein in your thigh" & you can make an appointment with the specialist at the end of the treatment.. if you want !!! Cheers for that but I would have appreciated a bit more info tbh :'(

  • I had a DVT in my groin and PE in my lung. After coming out of hospital and being on Warfarin for 6 mths the consultant deemed I was 'cured' and the clot had been re-absorbed. It had not and I had a residual clot which reared up 2 weeks later. it set back my treatment 3 months and I am now on Warfarin for life and have to wear those fabulous stockings! I wish there wasn't an assumption that clots go after 6 mths. Who made this rule? An ultrasound came back negative, it was a CT that found my residual clot. Ask for a leg/abdomen CT if the clot is in the groin area too. We should campaign for a CT before coming off any anti-coagulant drugs.

  • PLEASE go back fedup33.

    I have a large DVT and also am frustrated but can't wait to see if it is gone april 26 because It's really scary!

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