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Some info on Blogs please?

I am male, almost 70, with AF for over 30 years.I am living in Ireland.I want to write up a full description of my most unusual situation in regard to Pulmonary Isolation Procedures, Anticoagulants,Antiarrthythmics (Including Amiodarone problems) related thyroid problems, TIA's, Watchman Occlusion Devices, ICD's etc. etc. I would hope that the full outline would be of assistance to others with similar problems and indeed other people may have some thoughts and insights relevant to my situation- we may learn from each other and lend support where necessary.

So, why dont I write it? Well, from what I see most of the items submitted by subscribers is related to anticoagulants and the general tone seems too restricted for what I want to discuss.

If there is a more suitable place to tell my story, that you may know of, please let me know- it would be much appreciated.

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You are of course correct that we are all starting with issues related to anticoagulation but as you obvously are aware in real life that brings us into the connection between anticoagulation and many of the conditions you mention. I have also had connection with TIAs, dentistry, AF, anticoagulation bridging for surgery and even Epilepsy and sometimes reading of similar experiences of others is very instructive and sometimes it is simply encouraging so please do write it for us and then copy it for Anticoagulation Europe's INReview and The British Heart Foundation's Heart Matters. I am looking forward to it.


hi feorais., sounds very interesting, i for one would be very interested in reading it so please do, we really cannot ever know enough about anticoagulant issues, looking forward to it, please let us know where you do it xx


like yourself am living in ireland donegal also had lots of experiences with af and various consultants and drugs warfarin to my current pradaxa i had a article in a magazine called choice would be interested in your story


Hi feorais, The Atrial Fibrillation Association would also a place that you could write to.


Hi feorais

Please do let us see your full story. Peoples experiences can be so helpful and sometimes encouraging to others. We can also put it in INReview the ACE magazine. if you email me your postal address i will send you a copy anticoagulation@ntlworld.com

Looking forward to hearing from you.


I would love to read your story. I am 73 and have had AF for six years. I have had all the drugs which were recommended, though unfortunately some worked for a short period others did not. I have had to have a (P.V.I.) Pulmonary vein ablation, also an A.V.Node ablation, leading to a pacemaker. After all these procedures, I am now very short of breath when I have to walk up any inclines. I am still waiting for results to come back from the hospital to see why I am short of breath. I was a very fit and healthy person six years ago.


Although there is, understandably, a long blog on anti-coagulants, most of the issues you mention have been discussed on this site so I know we would all find it useful to hear your story! Will wait to hear from you,

best wishes


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