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Little changes happening today ready for the big change over tomorrow. Active 10 is coming!

Tomorrow is change over day, so please understand if things are a bit out of sync anytime you log in

We will have a new logo and a new Name.

In the coming days after the new name change we will be rolling out some great badges to work towards and some little side groups to help everyone find their feet and feel included.

The Motto of the forum will be “No one gets left behind”

We will be an all inclusive walking community,

What ever your ability we can support you on your journey, whether it is getting out the door for the first time to training for a walking marathon. We can help, motivate and encourage.

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Exciting times!


Looking forward to joining in,😁


Sounds exciting.

You can do walking marathons? I did not know.


Most marathons have a cut off time, if you can walk it before the cut off time you can enter. The same goes for any of the big events, I watched someone walk a 10km so much faster than I could run it.😀 I am doing two HM next year walking them both. The first one I would really like to do just under 3hour the second one I would like to do between 2.45 and 2.50.


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