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I am newly diagnosed and evaluating options. AS will be one of them. I have a consult with the Chief of Urologic Oncology at Fox Chase Cancer Center on 10-16-18.

Age 65

PSA .8

Small nodule discovered at annual physical in May

12 core biopsy - 1 tissue sample 11% volume

Prostate 36 cc

Gleeson 6

Full body bone scan shows one small spot on left iliac hip bone discounted by radiologist reading scan but recommended 3 month followup scan to recheck

Dealing with the anxiety and information overload is stressful...

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Anxiety is one of the more disruptive aspects of AS. I hope the growing membership and posts in this new AS community will help All of us with that.

Just take a deep breath and know that Prostate Cancer (PCa) is a slow growing disease. Talk to at least two doctors who you trust and then make a decision what to do. Be logical and yet determined to get the best results for you.

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Thanks for your guidance.


My husband has prostate cancer he is having it removed I have been giving him inositol and sea kelp inositol stops prostate cancer spreading apparently it's cheap and harmless iodine is very important too my husbands cancer is aggressive although it hasn't spread

Let me tell you what I learned about PCa and hip bones. Probably you have metastatic PCa because of the "spot". In general a cancerous cell can leave your prostate (there are billions prostate of cells) and they often attach to your hip bone or a long bone. Then the cell attaches to the bone, and over time sinks into the bone. This leaves a pock mark (like an acne scar) on the bone. The single cell is stuck there. It can multiply and form a tumor, but this is not that common. However, left untreated more and more cells do this and your bone becomes weakened. So they give you a shot of Xgeva (a drug used for osteoporosis) which strengthens the bones. So what I did was use a drug that stops the prostate cells from subdividing called Lupron shots. It has many bad side effects, but I used it for 6 and 1/2 years and now I am cancer free. I also had 72 radiations over the 11 years. So I am on active surveillance. There are other medicines to use check it out.

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