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thoracic spine metastasis & need for spine stabilisation operation

Dx stage 4 prostate CA out of the blue ~ 4mo ago.

MRI showed thoracic epidural cord compression but no symptoms (I thought-but that's another story) .

Strongly urged to have electron beam therapy (EBT) immediately & delay chemo until later.

I refused thanks to advice of radiotherapist at Scripps proton beam therapy (PBT).

Repeat MRI between after 3rd cycle showed NO evidence of cord compression.

At this point I got consult w/neurosurgeon d/t my concern ~ what happens to my thoracic spine after big radiotherapy (and osteoporosis d/t ADT) such as e.g.,serious compression fractures ?

Possibilities presented to me:

1. spine stabilisation immediately BEFORE radiotherapy (better wound healing)

2. spine stabilisation soon AFTER radiotherapy (poorer wound healing)

3. nothing

Neurosurgeon wants to defer final recommendation until repeat MRI one month after completion of all 6 cycles chemo.

I have now completed chemo w/o problems.

I would like to hear what others have done who have experienced this not uncommon scenario

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I am from Action Radiotherapy, the charity that set up this community. We are currently seeking funding to set up a dedicated professionally manned chat service and phone line for patients undergoing radiotherapy for their cancer. This will be operated by radiotherapy professionals who will be able to offer advice, information and/or support to those who need it, either electronically or on the phone.

Radiotherapy is amazing but can seem complex to patients. We would be able to signpost patients on the right way forward, understand their options and above all get the right type of radiotherapy for their diagnosis.

Do you think this is something that would be of interest? Would you have used it or would you use it now?

Any comments would be much appreciated




Thank you so much for your enthusiasm! We'll be sure to keep you updated on any progress