Can radical Radiotherapy be administered again after 17 years?

am writing in relation to my 75 year old mother. She was diagnosed 22/3 with a 5 cm tumour on lung. Pet scan showed chest lymph nodes inflamed failed biopsy on the 24/3 and a month later we've just had the ebos scan for the lymph nodes came back inconclusive. Still no staging or type cancer defined.

After the long stressful wait we had the prognosis today and because my mum is a 20 year breast cancer survivor having had radiotherapy then they have suggested non curative radio as they think it will do her more harm that's good.......why can't they just remove it surgically if it hasn't spread!?

I think they think she's too old. Plus her esphysema. I have her on essiac capsules and true pine anti oxidants plus still alkalising and also awaiting vemma another high anti oxidants. I did ask about the targeted therapies and immunotherapy drugs but was told after a low dose age of 5 radiotherapy treatments that they would wait and see following outcome.

What can I or we do please advise and help direct us. Thanks in anticipation of your assistance? Praying for miracles

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  • Sorry I cannot help with any medical knowledge but have you thought about a second opinion? Hope you get something sorted soon xx

  • Just scared Chrissie the gp fell out with me for having telephone consults 3 times which i thought would ne less time consuming when they are running clinic. Also pallative nurse said if we went for second oppinion the doctor may not treat us and we would have to go private. The advisor saud that they cant do this but its all so upsetting. Good luck in your journey chrissie2.

  • This doesn't sound like a very good consultant or palliative nurse telling you the doctor may not treat you and may have to go private. You are entitled to a second opinion without any come back. Please keep trying. Good luck xx

  • Since clarified and they were misinformed to say that

  • Thank goodness xx

  • Are you anywhere near a proton beam radiotherapy center to get a 2nd opinion consult ?

    Get the biopsy diagnosis first then ask for the consult.

    The extreme precision of the most advanced proton bean techniques are frequently being used with good results and greatly decreased morbidity in pts who previously had the highly imprecise electron beam therapy of 20 yrs ago

  • Thanks pat and emma i will investigate I think initially we will go forward with the suggested 5 meanwhile investigating this thanks so much