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i'm new and suffer chronic neuropathy due to a hematoma after repl c6c7 paralyzed me had to be in hosp 3 1/2 mths May 08

I am suffering with neuropathy due to a hematoma after fusing my C6 C7 as it was herniated, spinal stenosis, and osteophites digging into my spine. First the pain started radiating down my left arm and eventually all the way to my right side, the pain was excruciating I screamed and cryed as the pain was now is been going on 9 years and no drugs so far has eased the pain the more my pain specialist has run out of options, opiates doesn't work, ketamine infusion 10000.00 no change in pain. All sorts of creams, pills no luck in pain, tried botox made it worse and it seems the more they try too help the worse the neuropathy gets. The pain is getting so bad that I can't walk i must use a wheelchair now. no stamina, no balance and i'm st my wits end is there any treatment that can elevate the pain as i don't call this living.



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Dear chinadoll66, I wish I had great knowledge to advise you, but I am sorry, I have not. I understand the severity of horrendous back pain, the screaming & crying & life passing by. Still I can not advise you dear chinadoll except to say:

'Is there an Amazing Orthopaedic Back Specialist that someone here can recommend?' I have had all kinds of pain relief & have been to the pain clinic. I have had back surgery & looking like another operation soon. Yet odd times & for a few days I have a diminished pain which keeps me going, I cannot imagine such unrelenting pain as you are enduring & I empathise with you, yet I am unable to make things better for you. Please if anyone has any thoughts on this matter can they say what they are. I am thinking of you chinadoll & I hope that someone can advise you. If I had a wish I would give it to you! xx Pixiewixie


I can only offer my sympathies. I wish there was a way to find relief, but if there is it's being kept quite a secret. Sorry I have no ideas.


Im sorry you are hurting so terribly, if i were a physician i would treat all pain suffering people with great compassion, i know there isnt much they can offer, i tried it all too,,,but compassion goes a very long way as well, being treated like a cattle in a herd,,,,not cool


I have an awesome neurosurgeon who did a 4 level cervical fusion , arthrodesis and stabilization this past November. I had very little post-op pain & am doing well now. My latest x-rays show incomplete mineralization but healing very well. I literally could not hold my head up before the surgery. It was almost resting on my chest. Anyhow he is with Carolina Neurosurgical & Spine Specialist in Greensboro, NC. So sorry you have had such a horrible result with no relief. I definitely understand your pain. I have had 2 lumbar herniated discs plus I have osteo & rheumatoid arthritis and gout. Plus Stage 4 kidney disease. Pain affects every aspect of your life. I hope you can find someone who can help you. God bless.


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