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Hi everyone I'm. New lol I've had back problems for a while well yrs and it's got worse over the last 3 I've my right leg has pins in due to this last week my feet was hurting so I soaked them no help at all I ended up in bed almost all week I have been up a couple of days and it's starting to happen again it starts in my left shoulder blade right down to my foot and I get a tingling feeling in my hands and sometimes can't feel them I've had it a while but I've just been getting on with it sorry it's so long but. Does anyone have any idea as I'm worried about Ms

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Best see your GP if you have concerns.



Have you had X-rays?


Try Lyrica a non narcotic that helps with nerve damage. I am stopping narcotics after years of taken them. I'm trasfering to Lyrics next week. I pray to my Good Lord that He will heal my spine and neck-buldging dics.I know God will do his part❤


Best to get at least an X-Ray, preferably an MRI. Sounds like my spinal stenosis, but I'm not a doctor.


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