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Knee pain....cartilage damage or arthritis?

For about three weeks I`ve been experiencing pain in my right knee. This is sometimes stabby, sometimes a dull ache. It hurts a lot more coming downstairs when it clicks as well. Some days are worse than others and it is never agonizing, just worrying and rather out of the blue. Does this sound familiar to anyone and can anyone give me any advice?

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Could be either or something else. Only way to find out is to see your GP and probably have an xray. From there I would suggest a good chiropractor or physio who can work with you to suggest exercises to strengthen the surrounding area. My knee problems have stemmed from the lack of muscle in my buttocks due to sacroiliac joint and lumber spine problems. One problem with the spine can lead to so many others unfortunately.

If you have been not exercising due to pain elsewhere that can cause all sorts of pain elsewhere in the body.

Hope you get it diagnosed soon so you can start improving things



Thanks for your help. My dilemma has been whether or not to exercise through the discomfort and whether I am doing more harm than good. A trip to the GP seems to be a sensible next move. I have rather put it off because I was offered keyhole surgery for a suspected cartilage tear four years ago and cancelled the op the day before as the pain disappeared (after being evident for 6 weeks) literally overnight. Interestingly I was never offered an X-ray. It sounds as though you have perhaps had positive results from a specific programme of exercise?

Regards, Flower61


I've gone from having really bad pain every day with most movement to quite bad pain at times with certain movements. Before I could often not sleep because my knee hurt. That happens rarely. So nothing is 'fixed' but daily life has one lessened problemI'd certainly suggest getting the diagnosis confirmed.

Can you think what might have brought the pain back this time ?



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