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Pain sleep nightmare

Oh my os anyone awake can hardly keep eyes open keep drifter in to same nightmare pain all down left leg . Pins an needles had my zomorph an pregablin at 9.30 . . I have osteoarthritis . Of spine also prolapsed disc l4/l5l5/s1 and also they say the pin needles pain in leg e t is due to 2 trapped nerves in groin well they assume . I have been off work since Nov an now finish due to incapacity struggling to type so sleepy but scared go asleep x anyone awake

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hi.trudy165...hi same...really same on right side,,on morpine..preagpentin,helps and works almost stright away,not like gabapentin.xx

i am on 300mg twice a day..helps with shooting pains,oh ive lupus...sle..yeah so on meds for that too,,and ostroarthritsxxxx,feel your pain hunny,,,shooting pains in my arms,knees,,,arrrrr.xxxx,well apart from both falling too bits,,what you up too///xx


Have you tried amitriptyline ? It's the only thing that's helps me sleep


Same here not had full nights sleep for 6 months wake after 1-3 hrs still with horrendous ache after all meds desperate for a full nights sleep. Doc Gave Me Sleeping Tablets But Reluctant To Take Them As Already On SO Much. And worried if I sleep for a full night will be too stiff to move


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