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ENT Care And Cure

ENT Care And Cure

GV ENT Centre clinic kochi, kerala offers treatment for all kind of Ent problems including general ent and also an advanced centre for sinus and nasal care.also offers advanced Micro ear surgeries, and Micro laryngeal surgeries.

Facilities Includes

The Latest ENT Examination Unit

Diagnostic Nasal Endoscopy (DNE) With Camera.

Video Laryngoscopy

Microscopic Examination Of The Ear

Audiology , Speech and hearing aid dispensing clinic


Ear : MIcro ear surgeries as well as advanced surgeries like Stapedectomy, & Cochlear Implant surgery etc

Nose : Endoscopic Sinus Surgery including advanced procedures like CSF leak repair, Endoscopic DCR, & Endoscopic skull base surgeries. Cosmetic Nasal Surgery, including Endoscopic Rhinoplasty.

Throat, Head & Neck : All routine surgeries including, thyroidectomy, parotidectomy & micro laryngeal surgery. Endoscopic guided debridder adenoidectomy is the routine technique adopted for adenoidectomy

Face : Plastic Surgery

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