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Living with CRPS Type 2

I'm male 42yr old panelbeater who cut my fingers at work accident 18 months ago. Deep cuts severing nerves.

Had swelling initially with burning and stabbing pain.

To cut a long story short I'm In AGONY all the time now. My fingers and wrist are contracted and deformed and I have 20/10 nerve pain every ware in my body .

I've tried 3 lignocaine infusions and 3 stellate ganglion blocks, short term relief. Bandaid .

I'm also on lirica, temgesic, catapress, panadine forte, tremadol, endep, physeptone

The side effects I wouldn't want to wish on anyone, horrible.

I've been married for 10 years and have 3 young children.

Why do I have thoughts of killing myself when I have so much love and support around me.

Welcome to my life.


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Wont the pain clinic try you on morphine type patch, I use them and they do take some of the pain away with little side affects. Now I can bend at least a little.


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