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Acustic Neuroma Symptoms

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Hi, My symptoms are tinnitus, daily headaches, and fatigue. I also have stopped drinking alcohol, due to headaches going worse. Waiting for a scan in July. I am interested if anybody had suffered with Fatigue. Thanks

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Hi I have a 12 mm acoustic Neuroma and I suffer with terrible fatigue and terrible tinnitus M

Bless you .. in same boat 3 weeks deaf and tinnitus squealing

Hi Linzie,How do you feel getting to sleep ?

Absolute nightmare my friend . I have sleepers to helo me have you asked for help my friend x

Hi I was diagnosed Last March had second scan this February.Just has appointment on Monday following this tumour hasn’t grown but I have deafness on that side so getting a hearing aid

Suffering awful headaches so going to see a neurologist next week as consultant doesn’t think they are from AN

I do get a little tired but not sure it’s from it either


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Hi , Thanks for your reply, fatigue does seem to be a common symptom. I am managing without a hearing aid, some times aids can throw up other hearing issues. Good luck

I have a 19 mm AN and suffer with bad tinnitus,have lost hearing on the right side tumour side and wear 2 hearing aids now .my worse time is evening when l feel exhausted.

Hi, I wonder what we can do about the fatigue, I have never had a problem with energy, I was diagnosed in Jan 20, it seems to be getting worse. Thanks. Good luck.

Hi yes I am the same completely exhausted due to the Tinnitus I think but I am sure the tumour is also partly to blame it’s very difficult to explain to people how it make you feel.

Xx godbless you

Hi, yes I too am exhausted what size is your tumour ?

Hi,luckily I don't have too much tinnitus,but do get headaches especially in the mornings, but these usually go once I get up . Regarding fatigue I can be fine for days but then have a day of feeling absolutely washed out ? Very odd and so unlike me.

Hi, I have a 21mm AN and am 6-months post Steriotactic radiotherapy treatment and still feel exhausted. Sleeping 9 hours at night and then dosing during the day. Also suffer shooting pains, headaches and am sensitive to loud noises.

Good luck

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