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HI, I was wondering if anyone has had the same feelings/issues I have had. 5th Nov, I had the sudden onset of pressure in my right ear, like being on an airplane, Loss of hearing in that ear for a few days unable to unblock them, but then significant ringing in both ears. I have been to see the ENT specialist who cannot explain what occurred, I am having a MRI 8th Jan. tinitus I can usually control, ignore but this is unbearable. Constant headaches, sensitive side of the head when touched. and the intense itching in both of my ears.. I have read about AN and I do believe that this is what is causing me the issues. Has anyone else had these symptoms? it is the intense ringing and itching that is the most irritating.


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I have these symptoms .

- one side only (right) losing ability to hear ( like 90%)

- Started suddenly

- constant tinitus like being on an airplane - frequency is changing time to time -

- I have also periodic headaches (I thought maybe because of stress of AN but maybe it is caused by the tinitus or AN )

- a few days ago I started to have pain on the same side.

- I dont have itching .

I had MRI and it is found as 15mm tumor .Currently I am in monitoring state until next MRI in 4 months. I guess MRI is the best way to see what is going on there. I wish you good luck .

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I have exactly the same as you, (15mm and same symptoms) I found a fantastic physio who did some neck and shoulder work and used accupuncture in my head which sorted the persistent headaches. Highly recommend trying it!

Try not to panic. It is VERY unusual that your symtoms would be down to an AN. These are rare. I've never experienced or heard that itching is something experienced and the AN would only be in one side ( unless you have the even more rarer genetic strain). It's great you're having the MRI soon, as that is the only way of knowing. In the meantime, try to write down all your symptoms, know that stress and worry can do all sorts of crazy to our symptoms, but that is you to have an AN, you'll be in the best company on this site! Fingers crossed for you it's something really resolved. Let us know how you get on. Lin

I’m lying here having just typed in my latest symptoms as it’s so scary and came across this link . I have just the same pressure ,tinnitus ringing and then extra sounds like a revving motorbike , I feel as if I have something pushed down my ear , the pressure is horrible like a band around my head and I feel I want to pop my ears . It is my right ear that’s causing the problems , these symptoms started in July although not as severe as now , where I was fast tracked ,two local doctors thought I had a cyst in my ear . The hospital consultant said no said I had damage due to trauma by me using cotton buds I assured him I didn’t use them ! They tried to clean it out and said it needed brute force and scraped it making my ear bleed and I came home with antibiotics because if that . I left it a few weeks then contacted my doctor saying I was no better my balance not 100% so they put me on a waiting list to go back . So I’ve been waiting and been extra careful as balance was dodgy till about 6 weeks ago when I had such a bad bout of vertigo I couldn’t walk and was so poorly for about 3 hours vomiting , I’ve had that twice since so eventually got to see a doctor the end of last week she said I had cholesterol in my ear?? and think there is a problem past my eardrum so is fast tracking me for a brain scan I do hope it is soon now that the holidays are out of the way as I’m so worried and really want it sorted and to see your words of your symptoms was as if I had written them myself . It has gone worse this last week than it’s ever been my left eye keeps twitching and my left face cheek the odd stabbing pain now but with all this going on No headaches ! Sorry to be a bore but feel better sharing thank you x

Sorry to hear your issues. But in a way I feel better knowing I'm not the only one. I had a bout of dizziness and feeling like I had been drinking heavily for days a few months ago. I feel like I'm constantly drunk . When you lay your head on the pillow the room just spins. Headaches differ day to day but they are there every day. Sound is muffled and when I yawn my ears crackle as though going to pop.I've been lucky as I have private medical insurance so able to get seen a little quicker...

Hi Walshy! Hope your MRI went ahead okay. Any news yet?

By the way rockinghorse09 is me walshy.. somehow I have 2 accounts.... trying to get one deleted Thanks.. I got to harrogate hospital last friday.. got in the scanner and had a massive panic attack due to my severe claustrophobia. I am today heading to leeds to the leeds upright scanner centre.. this one is not enclosed so fingers crossed... hope the snow has gone.!, I'm still got the intense ringing in my ears and dizziness.. trying not to stress hope to get the results next week. X

Oh that's so traumatic for you. So sorry you were not able to have the MRI and now have to go to Leeds. After 5 MRI scans from December 2019 to September 2020, I can almost go to sleep in them! I had some hypnotherapy to help. Look for anything that may help reduce your anxiety and stress levels. I really hope you can get there through the snow and get some answers. Uncertainly is the worst.

I had my MRI yesterday. So much better in the open one. Results are being sent to my consultant on monday so fingers crossed for some answers..

That's great about the open MRI. Really hope it will be something that is easily resolved for you. It is common to have a follow up scan with contrast dye IF they detect anything like an AN so they can see it in more detail. Hopefully if you need any more scans they can all be at Leeds. Good luck Rockinghorse/Walshy!!

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