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Have I made the right decision?


So, I've been on here many times before but the short story is I had three AN's removed by surgery from my left ear in Sept 1987. Obviously all the following years I have put up with the after effects. So now I have swooshing in my right ear at night. The doc gave Amytriptilin tablets which work ok if I take two when I go to bed. My balance has deteriorated too. So I pressured the doc to send me to ENT. He wasn't keen but did it. Now after a CT scan the consultant tells me I have a glomus (benign) tumour in my right middle ear. Being as I am 82 next month we decided to leave it alone because of the risk of losing hearing on that side too making me stone deaf. Also I am carer to my wife who has osteoporosis and is in constant pain. Did I make the right decision - time will tell!

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It is probably the right decision as long as the benign tumor isn't expected to grow much larger.

I also get swooshing in my AN affected left ear from time to time, but it naturally goes away without drugs. Does the swooshing keep you awake? If not, why do you need the pills.

Balance-wise, have you tried doing any cerebellum-resetting exercises to improve your balance and overall somatosensory system? If not go to this link and give it a try:



I've been trying some vestibular rehab exercises but so far not much improvement. I'll try leaving the pills off again but at the moment I'm sleeping well. Thanks for your reply.

Some of the "vastibular rehab exercises" (VRE) are similar to my "cerebellum resetting exercises" (CRE) that I created back in 2002 to regain my balance. I think that VRE is not as effective as my exercises for somatosensory problems. A client of mine had a 36 mm AN and tried my exercises and found them effective. He also tried one VRE exercises to improve his tennis game and found it helpful. Try the link above and see for yourself how CRE can help you.

Sorry Dean, can't see the link!

Doh! Got it thanks

What a dilemma but as long as you have made the right choice for you and yours let’s hope anyway. We can only make our informed decisions. Good luck x

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