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Small AN


About four years ago, I had a pulsing in my right ear for about a month, it then went away completely. Minor tinnitus started about the same time, I still have it but it’s no problem. My hearing in my right ear has been on the decline for about the same time.

Three years ago at about the time I started Tai chi and started vigorously moving my head, I experienced numbness in the face and mouth. This went away in a few weeks, but I have a numbness on the tip of my tongue from time to time, I assumed it was nerve damage from Tai chi.

I’ve also had occasional strange eyesight problems like a curtain is closing across my vision, is this typical?

It’s only only a visit this week to get the results of my MRI at West Suffolk hospital that I was told I had a small AN about 1.5mm which is a smaller size than mentioned by others.

I have been referred to Addenbrooks and await the call, I don’t want to go of course and like others all I’m doing is surfing Google.

Any reassurances welcome.

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I have nunbless on right side of face mor eon my neck ear if I mess with the ear my side of face goes numb some pain as well but I don't know if I have an AN.

Hi Ted_C - I also have a 1.5mm. How are you now? I have to go for a further scan in 6 months

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