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Returning Problems


Many years ago I suffered from severe depression and managed to get through it.

I had another episode about five years ago but didn't seek help and had a nightmare 12 months.

Unfortunately due to a recent situation the feeling of despair, terror and endless thoughts of nightmare scenarios running through my head have returned.

Now not eating or sleeping properly and am acting as if everything is fine on the surface. I've made an appointment with my doctor to seek medication to help get through this time as I can't go on as it is.



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Hi PaulJj

Welcome to our Community.

I'm so sorry to read that you've been through a series of depressive episodes, it certainly sounds as though its taken its toll but you did seem to manage it well and came through.

Now, something has triggered your current situation, it does sound extremely upsetting for you and I'm so glad you have taken steps to see your doctor. Please do try and explain your previous depression and any links you feel there may be and I sincerely hope you will be given some relief soon.

Take care Paul and do stay in touch.



Thank you very much for your reply Chloe!

I think the link between all the episodes is that the outcome of each problem has been out of my control and no long how much I think about trying to solve the issue I can't!

The ramifications of each issue has potentially been life changing be it relationship or in this case financial and I need help to break the cycle and help stop obsessing about it.

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Okay, I'm with PaulJj

So sorry, certainly sounds like life changing consequences but you have made a decision to see your doctor and I commend you for that, not everyone does so. You are determined to get help and I can empathise with obsessing! Please do let us know how you get on and take care.



After dreading the thought of going to the doctors ( not been for five years ), I'm actually looking forward to it. I will post how I get on after Wednesdays appointment.


I saw the doctor today, explained the situation and was given Sertraline 50mg for six months. She said Around three weeks to start working and I'm seeing her again on a month, also given list of councillors.

Any one got experience of this particular brand, I was on Seroxat the last time.

Also have some sleeping tablets, not slept for two days, how I feel is like stepping back in time 20 years to a bad place! hopefully feel better tomorrow.



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