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newbie here

hi im new here im trying to get discuss my how i feel instead of keeping it in...ive suffered from depression for a very long time at times i can control it but it seems like life just has knocked me down once again...its like when i hit rock bottom i hit rock bottom. i try to stay positive but its hard when you feel like nothing you do is ever right or that everyone else around you is moving forward but your not ....anyone have any advice of how do i keep on going

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Hi there crystala

Welcome to above & beyond. We are so pleased to have you join our friendly Community and look forward to your contributions on the Forum. Please do feel comfortable posting as well as answering posts as we all support each other here.

You have come to the right place we are all the same here we all go through what you are so remember that you are not alone...

I'm so sorry you feel so low it's difficult to live your everyday life when you suffer with depression like you say when you hit rock bottom you really do too...

Depression literally can knock the wind out of you physically and emotionally I realised you do have counselling but are you taking any medication for your depression..if not go to your doctor and ask about available treatment..it does work..

You ask how do you get through it well I look at it this way we are survivors we have got this far and we will continue to fight back it will pass and you will control it and not let it control you you've come this far you will go further just tell yourself that take baby steps your only human these things take time and patience take care we are here if you need us


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Us depressives seem to have one thing in common--this feeling of HELPLESSNESS. And also not being able to discuss the condition with anyone, possibly because 'they' won't understand. We have to get over this, because there is a lot of help out there. Go for it--courage, mon brave!


I so agree with you, and I hate it. It's that feeling of others not understanding, but also of not wanting to tire people with your constant messed up mind.


yea trying to positive is way easier said then done ...i try to keep my self busy but that lasts but so long


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