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I don't feel right

Hi everyone, I'm not really sure how to start here, but i'd thought i'd give this a try. I haven't felt right for years, I obsessively worry about trivial things, I even worry when I have to talk to people, like talking to my boss at work, it can take me days or even weeks to approach them to talk about a situation. I've even lost sleep worry over things . I'm even worry now as I write this post about what replies i'll get to this.

I also think I have depression, although I don't know for sure, I just feel down all the time, I've lost enjoyment in things I used to love doing, and this has been going on for a few years now. I just don't know how to explain how I'm feeling. I tend to keep everything to myself, I don't really talk to anyone about it, it upsets me to talk about it, because I think no one will believe me.

I also suffer very badly with headaches and migraines, I don't know if this could be linked or not. When I was at university they said it was stress, but I still suffer badly with them now that I have left university.

I've read up on the symptoms of depression and anxiety, and some of them seem to match how i'm feeling, but I have never had an official diagnosis. I've always been quite melancholic, I just thought that was how I was. I recently finally drew up enough courage to book an appointment with my GP to discuss this, but now I'm worrying about what I should say or how to discuss this with them.

Can anyone help or advise.

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Hi Pipski1988

Welcome to our Community.

Sounds like you are lacking in confidence and suffer social anxiety, a pretty uncomfortable situation, which I can empathise with.

Your said you've been feeling down for a long time and honestly, I would just tell your doctor what you've told us, don't hold anything back. I'm sure just talking will help you and he/she may prescribe taking therapies or/and anti-depressants.

One things for sure, you had made two great decisions, joining us and making that appointment. Please do let us know how you get on.

Take care


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Hello Pipski1988

I see our lovely Chloe40 has given a very good and comprehensive reply together with suggestions.

I cannot add any more other than to suggest you take a copy of your post with you when you see your GP.

I wish you well,


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Hello Pipski1988 like lottie and chloe I welcome you too our community youve made a very brave step by making a appointment with your doctor as it is very important you go and see them when you are feeling the way that you do..depression and anxiety can make you have all different sorts of physical symptoms especially tension headaches even down to tensed shoulders but im not a doctor so I cant diagnose you but it does sound like typical depression and anxiety ive suffered with it for over 17 years so I know how it can make you feel...as for explaining the way you feel to your doctor just say it how you have explained your symptoms to us belueve it or not it will do you good to get some of it off your chest and if the doctor recommends meds give them a try they can help in a big way let us know how you get on here if you need to talk all the best

Nat xx

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