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I think i may be depressed, but im not sure. Many days i wake up and just have this feeling of utter hopelessness. Everything in my life seems out of control. Im so unmotivated to do anything. But feel as if i need to do something in order to make myself feel better. Im really at a loss?

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  • Hi there.

    If you think that you're depressed that means that YOU ARE depressed, to make sure, I suggest you take a Real, Proven test that is backed up by qualified psychologists, then you can identify the problem.

    If you are depressed, DO NOT ignore the problem! Go seek help, talk to friends or family that are willing to listen, take some antidepressants, anything that you feel might help, and don't think that you can recover on you're own, because that is ... not likely to say the least.

    Anyway you should really seek help ASAP! Oh believe me, you don't want it to develop into something more ... severe.

    I wish you the best of luck!

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