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I feel like dying

I found out when I was in high school that I was gay and ever since then I just don't want to accept it. So I tried to keep it a secret and this guy whom I've never really gotten along with sort of 'found out'. I went over to his place one day to tell him I wasn't gay and he snubbed me - he and his friends made fun of me and laughed at me. A few days later I was walking from school, alone as always and they blocked my path - I tried to pass but they stopped me and pushed me back. Obviously I was a bit nervous so I pulled out a pen with the intention of scaring them off with it. It didn't work and they beat me up. Everyone was watching and videoing as I was on my back trying to protect myself.

I guess what I want to ask is if I should fight back-ish?

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Did you ever hear of Angelic protection? Archangel Michael with his Sword of Light can protect you. But you have to ask because they can not interfere with your free will. You can also put an energetic barrier around yourself so that negative bounces off. Say "I am surrounded by the purest White Light from Source Creator. Only Love can pass through." Blessings


Well I think you should just accept yourself first. That's the key to being happy, accepting yourself. I'm bi and I always knew something was up (since I was like 8) and I've learned to accept myself. Those boys have no right to ruin your self confidence. Afterwards beat them up, please.


If you can accept yourself then you don't need to fight back. Just report them to the police. UK police take this homophobic violence very seriously.


Hi, I think that by you not accepting yourself, and by you finding the need to go out of your way to deny it and justify yourself to these jerks, may be making you an easy target for them, because they know this is an insecurity for you and that gives them a hold on you.

You don't need to admit anything to them that you don't want to, it's none of their business, but I don't think it would affect you as much if you would accept yourself as you are (I know easier said than done right), and in turn it won't give those guys as much satisfaction to torment you, I think the best thing you can do is first try and work on accepting yourself, find yourself friends who relate, who accept you and uplift you, that way you will gain confidence and acceptance and you won't feel like you're an outsider, different and alone, because you aren't.

And if they bother you, show no fear and report them, there's evidence so use it, and if they threaten you do it anyway, show them you are not to be messed with.

Boss up;)

Hope that helps.

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