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New start ended before it begun

im 22 weeks pregnant it should be the greatest time in my life, i have a home i'm happy in for the first time in 8 years and after 7 moves. i have a partner of four years who i love dearly, my mental health has been almost perfect since September 2014, i thought this was my big chance to be happy.

turns out my mother and father in law have other ideas, he has been living here for two months, he moved in without me even being asked but has no were else to go, this is because on a drunken night the mother in law took out an order against him to keep him away from her for months , the mother in law has turned into a full on alcoholic and lost custody of my partners siblings aged 2,4 and 6. we are the only viable custody option as the rest of the family live in Wolverhampton and were all in Liverpool. his parents argue constantly, his mum tried to commit suicide yesterday, we have to through meetings and assessments for us to have the kids. i don't know if i will screw it up as i smoked cannabis till august last year and had severe mental health issues. and to top it all off they both keep meeting up anyway regardless of the order, they have 9kids 2 live in wolverhampton and are 27 and 25 and barely speak to them/ hate them as far as i know. my partner aged 24, sons aged 22 and 20 that live with the mother, a son aged 11 that lives with the nan in wolverhampton, and the 3 youngest who are in temporary care.

why do they put all the stress on my partner, they constantly threaten him with suicide and moan about each other too him, but not the others! im trying to be strong for my unborn baby and partner but its so hard, i want the kids to be safe with us too. just needed it off my chest. stressfull times, not so much my new start has ended , its just changed drasticaly, i think its the not knowing the future thats stressing me the most, once i know if the kids can come here or not i will be happy, also the father in law has to go before they can so its urgent he leaves now. urgent.

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sounds very difficult. do you think it would be wise to go and live with your parents for a week. it will give you and your unborn a break and your partner can deal with the domestic issues.

Sometimes, there comes a time when you need to draw the line and say enough. if you are getting custody of the little ones then let that be, as the little ones are innocent in all of this but as far as your in laws are concerned, to be honest they are grown ups and that's where the line must be drawn.

Sorry I might not be much help on these sorts of domestic issues.