basically my best friend who is like my sister has been depressed for the past year because she has been stressed about not getting her job, her parents dont exactly help moaning at her and also in her past she has lost trust and has been constantly bullied. she also has social anxiety and can easily be bought to tears infront of people she dont know, i am the only one she trusts (she doesnt even trust her family) and i see her every single week so that she can get it all off her chest and i get her to write everything on email and i text her everyday, im there for her but im really worried about her as she doesnt eat much, she been getting sucidical thoughts ( couple weeks ago she said the only reason she didnt kill herself was because of me, it bought me to tears at night) , nothing makes her happy anymore and today she just texted me that she just wants to be on her own for the moment but im worried she will do something :( i just told her that remeber that i am here and i will do anything to make her happy, im just scared pelase help me she has been my best friend for 3 years now going on 4 D: she refuses help from an expert or doctor what do i do 1!

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  • Hi, The best thing you're doing is being there and told her you are there if she wants to talk. have you encouraged her to see her GP and take counselling? I suffered from anxiety too and at the moment getting job worries as i don't have a job either. you need to help her to start a step by step approach to get better because she can't tattle everything at once. firstly, help her reduce the elements that are invoking continuous stress, like getting a job, and parents moaning. this will take time. is she on job seekers allowance, she can get help getting a job whilst counselling. there is also volunteering, which helps as you are around people and your mind is kept busy. teach her to slowly learn to ignore her parent's moan, if they do just walk away. it's better to be away from that situation than be in it.

    I've done a blog on this. you can refer to it if you like and i hope it helps in some way


  • I have two little kids & have been exactly the same since January this year,my parents have been awful to me so I just ignore them.just tell your friend life does get a hell off a lot better,but as crappy as life is you have to fight & not let it eat away at you.l have lost three stone & made my self sick every time l ate meal.l still feel no one understands till you have been through this awful illness.tell her to write to me l won't always have the right answers but l can certainly ease the pain & bring laughter into her life with all my ups & downs & share tips on how you get through each wishes from sid.

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