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Back pain

Weird question, but I thought I'd ask. I was supposed to take my father to my s...

sceptic in my mind

stumbled across this today, my inability to make decisions, not really understoo...

me and my brother!

I am struggling, I have struggled our entire life, my brother and I, that is we ...


i feel like im going crazy and its too much to handle

Failing Notice’s.

my post’s keep going to fail but I wonder why? would somebody like to explain ...

sensorimotor psychotherapy

reading from Bessell Kolk books on truama, I learnt about sensorimotor psychothe...

I'm new to this group. I have PTSD and I can not get past it. I suffer from a lot of rage, anxiety, depression, etc.

I would love to talk with anyone or everyone just for some support as I don't kn...
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