"You don't know what you don't know"

"You don't know what you don't know"


I was given a set of NHS Hearing Aid maskers. They were initially set for white noise. I thought that they only had one setting. Reading items on this forum and seeing a more enthusiastic audiologist made me realise that they could do other things. The next audiologist set them with two programs. One for white noise and the other brown noise. I believe there is no amplification or self -adjustment of the volume.

They are very useful for watching the TV at night and I would be lost without them.

The question I ask, "What else can these things do? Has anyone got these programed to do anything else?. I would be very interested to know.

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  • Hi ade,

    Mine are NHS Hearing aids with a built in masker but no option to adjust the volume of it.

    When I see him next time I will alsk him set it on number 1 hearing aid setting to adjust the masker if needed.

    Love glynis x

  • Hello Glynis

    Is your set as a masker and a Hearing aid?


  • Yes x

  • Hi Ade, I have 2 aids -

    Right ear:

    1. Hearing aid only

    2. Hearing aid and pink noise

    3. Hearing aid and sea surf

    Left ear:

    1. Pink noise only

    2. White noise only

    3. Sea Surf only

    The volume can be adjusted on both aids.

    I now wear the aid on my left ear only when my T is bothersome. I always wear the right hearing aid, usually only on setting 1 which is for hearing loss.

    It takes some getting used to understanding the aids doesn't it? A good and understanding audiologist is vital. Love, Angela xx

  • How does it help watching the TV Ade? I didn't use to watch much telly - it's difficult with young kids, but I did used to like an hour or so of Salvage Hunters before bed. I've completely stopped watching TV however, as I find it doesn't keep my mind or ears occupied enough, allowing Mr T to take centre stage. It's getting a bit depressing though, as we're all in different rooms now, me with the radio on, the kids on their bloody tablets and my missus watching telly.

  • It os bizarre. I stopped watch t.v. due to t. Now with the masked it really helps. I have hyperacusis in my left ear and t in my right. The left ear masker is set at low level brown noise. For some reason this reduces the level of the t in my right ear. This effect lasts about an hour and then my brain knows that I have tricked it. It then switches the t in the right ear back on. I too have young children and will only watch telly if something very good is on.

    All the best.


  • Hi Ade,

    I have an oticon hearing aide with 3 programmes.

    1 hearing aide only

    2 ocean waves

    3 pink noise

    i can adjust the volumn depending on how low or high my T is though the audiologist sets the level of volumn. But she always gets me to check if its low/loud enough but below my T.

    I know you shouldnt wear it all the time but a few days a week I leave it in all day and night then i usually have a couple of quiet days. The dome has holes in it so air is allowed in to help your ears breathe and i just figure that if this works then its part of my T management.


  • Sorry i forgot to say that it is an NHS one

  • Thanks for your helpful reply. I will be sure to ask loads of questions in relation to various settings..

    Wishing you peace and quiet.


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