Do supplements work?

Week 4 and my T is still driving me mad. I had an MRI and will see the ENT consultant in a couple of weeks. From my first post I was given great advice on stopping to look for a miracle cure on Google. Week1-3 I had a very high pitched tone but now I have a constant sound like gas is escaping?? along with that I also have this high pitched tone that comes and goers throughout the day. Sadly I am totally deaf in my 1 ear so this unwanted intrusion in my other ear is very upsetting and so stressful.

At work I was told to take K2, magnesium and Ginseng, all of a sudden my work colleagues are armed with information to cure my T. I also take levothyroxine for Hyperthyroidism and was told by my new found T advisor's that this is what's causing the T?

I am therefore appealing to the community of people that have tried and tested what I am about to look into and advise of any supplements or treatments such as acupuncture that may help.

Many thanks

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  • Hi,

    Not a supplement, a few weeks after my T started my GP prescribed SERC tablets, these had no effect so after 2 weeks he doubled the dose. A few days later the T in my right ear suddenly vanished and the volume in my left ear reduced considerably. Was SERC responsible for this or did it happen itself? I'll never know but it may be worth speaking to your GP. Since then I've been taking Ginkgo Biloba tablets, initially I thought that they helped but I don't think that they do anything for me now altho' I continue to take them.

    Best wishes


  • Hi Kenny,

    Thanks for the tip, I have just read an interesting article on SERC and it's widely used for inner ear problems as well as a possible treatment for T. Between now and when I see my consultant on the 19/6, I will try the Ginko route and then see what the ENT guy has found from my MRI. Thereafter a trip to the GP to see about SERC.

    Many thanks

  • Hello there and welcome to the forum.

    You might like to read our information sheet on complementary therapies:

    I am in the process of compiling an evidence base library for supplements. So far, there's very little evidence for most of the popularly taken ones, unless you are say deficient in a particular mineral or vitamin. Personally, having just completed the sheet on ginkgo, I'd avoid it.

    Best wishes

    Nic (BTA Communications Manager)

  • This is what is so good about this site, GP's should refer T patients to this website. We could not only save endless hours trawling through false reviews on the net but also save money by not purchasing relief supplements. Having clicked on the link provided, the information given on alternative methods and supplements made excellent reading. Until reading your article, had I read rich tea biscuits dipped in marmite was effective by rubbing it on your temples...I would have tried it!

    Having said that, I have just read that listening to Binaural Beats Meditation which plays intermittent high pitched tones has been effective, at least that;s what the youtube reviews gave? May I ask if you have any thoughts on this method of treatment?

    Many thanks

  • So good to hear that you found the information useful.

    I don't know a lot about Binaural Beats Meditation specifically, but using sound in general is a well known and proven therapy. My impression from the literature across all different sound therapies is that the type of sound doesn't really matter, and it comes down to individual preference.

  • Hi Nic, I look forward to reading your no doubt comprehensive guide to supplements. I take a multi vitamin and iron tablet every day (always have, before the T). But I also have been taking opti magnesium, with D3 inulin for the past couple of weeks. I think it was on the BTA website that I read about researchers giving mice magnesium to reverse the T? It says on the label that magnesium supports brain health. What is your opinion please? Angela xx

  • Magnesium is an interesting one, there does seem to be some evidence about its role in hearing beginning to accrue. It's unlikely to be harmful (you might get an upset tummy so if you do, just stop) and it's fairly inexpensive so I don't see any reason not to try it.

    I haven't got round to really digging into this though, so it's only an opinion - and a non-medical one at that!

  • Hi Both, I read with interest your thoughts on Magnesium, so as desperate as I am to get any relief I went onto the Holland and Barrett Website. You can purchase Magnesium in many types. i.e

    Calcium Magnesium & Zinc Caplets

    Holland & Barrett Magnesium Tablets 250mg

    Magnesium Citrate Caplets 100mg

    Magnesium Citrate Caplets 100mg

    Calcium & Magnesium Caplets

    Magnesium with Zinc Tablets

    Magnesium Caplets 150mg

    Holland & Barrett Magnesium Caplets 150mg

    Why can't life be simple? Any clues what to buy?

  • Hi Gdjtam, I got Opti Magnesium from Healthspan via mail order. My T is very quiet but of course it could be a coincidence. Angela xx

  • Thanks Nic, your opinions always welcome. Angela xx ps I will obviously let everyone know if I notice an improvement

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