A day out to london and a trip down the Thames

A day out to london and a trip down the Thames

Have had a lovely day spent with my family in london for my Dads 80th birthday. We went on one of the river thames cruise boats and he throughly enjoyed it. Saw parts of london i hadnt seen from this angle before and makes you realise just how big london is. My T has behaved itself until we got home so pleased with this. All in all a very lovely day. Couldnt resist getting my photo taken with one of the horse guards!

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  • So glad you had some happy diversion ......

  • Nice photo Lesley, nice to hear you enjoyed your day. I haven't been sightseeing around London for about 7 years - we took the Thames boat trip and enjoyed the different views. It is mystifying how T fades out when we are thoroughly preoccupied with something that we enjoy isn't it. Your dad did well too, at 80, to have such a busy day. Mind you, I remember my dear, late, mum enjoying days out when she was about that age. I now marvel at what she was able to do, despite her medical conditions. All is well up here. Lovely photo, you are looking well. Love and best wishes, Angela xx

  • Hi Angela,

    Sorry but have not been on forum for a few weeks and just wanted to see how you are. Im doing ok and have settled into new house. We have looked at a few propertys to buy but nothing has caught our eye so far.

    Just feeling a bit fed up with this wind and rain now and hope it starts to improve before next friday as Im going to see my all time favorite rock band at the london stadium. A bit concerned after the recents terrorist events but i expect the security will be tight and just have to hope and pray nothing happens.

    Love to hear from you.

    Best wishes xxx

  • Hi Lesley, no, I don't go on the forum much these days. I think it is because I spend so much time in the garden, which I love, well when the weather allows! It has been sunny this afternoon, after a very wet morning. Also, my son has been living at home since finishing uni last October (he has a job in Birmingham - a "round peg in a round hole" if you know that saying!) - so that keeps me busy as I love to prepare good meals for him to come home to.

    Nice to hear that you are settled in your new home - is there a garden to potter around as I know you like gardening? It is best to take your time before deciding where to buy, though it is an exciting time for you.

    How is your T? It would seem that I have come to terms with mine and it is not giving me too much trouble at the moment. But, of course, that can change.

    My bloke says that if the weather improves he will be taking me to Devon next week for a few days, so I will catch up on the forum when I can. I have told him that I don't want any vintage car rally adventures abroad this year as I find them too tiring, sad to say, and just want to holiday in this country. Of course, as we don't live together, he can go where he wants, when he wants, with my blessing, as he likes activity holidays. North Devon will be fine for me.

    Indeed, I do hope that the weather improves for you. I forget which band you are going to see? Let us know how you get on. Rod Stewart played at the Shrewsbury Town FC ground this week and unfortunately the rain was rather heavy, and the ground staff were having to walk across the stage with squeezy mops. Honestly, June used to be a lovely summer month didn't it.

    Catch up next week, love and best wishes, Angela xx

  • Hi Lesley, awesome picture! Sorry for the delay reply, I had trouble getting on. Hope all is well! Bee XOXO

  • Hi Bee,

    Yes all is good at the moment and have been having some quieter days with T. Its still a bit of a mystery to me though as to why you can wake up each morning and sometimes T is low yet on other days its louder. What happems when your sleeping to make it so? Guess theres no answer at the moment so just have to appreciate the quieter times.

    Off to see Guns n Roses this friday coming and I am so excited as they have been one of my all time fav rock bands. Really going to enjoy myself come what may.

    Enjoy the weekend and hope all is well with you. X

  • Hi Lesley !

    I often ponder that question myself, why does it just decide to get louder? Oh well, just try to get through the off days as best as I can too. Enjoy the concert! That sounds like so much fun! XOXO Bee

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