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Im new and hoping an Admin or someone with info can help? Feeling hopeless after ENT visit

Hi Guys,

I was just wondering if there were any facts on recovery from T?

I saw an ENT yesterday who said it has happened due to neck and jaw issues. He has given anti inflammatory gel and I will be getting tinnitus retraining therapy. I've been told to return after 2 months and then will possibly see a temporo mandibular specialist.

But it specifically came on at a certain point after a flight and my gp saw fluid behind the ear and I ended up in AandE twice due to bilateral pain in ears (like something pushing out).

Ent says it will gradually reduce and become manageable but Im really low as I thought it was one thing and Im being told another. What are the statistics on recovery and managing T? I have a history of migraine, headaches and vertigo.

Thanks guys

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Hi Kornish, sorry to hear you are getting conflicting information's very typical of T to manifest as one thing but can be another. I would push your gp for an MRI scan to get a definite result. Nothing else can confirm or deny what's happening with your ears. In the meantime, I would try and refocus your mind on other things. I know it's hard, but the more you think about it the worse it will appear to get. Get outside and listen to nature, take yoga classes or try meditation . They all help.

Stay strong

Jane x


Hi, like you i got T last july had all the usual tests done MRI ct scans etc etc nothing wrong there, i have had tmjd for several years they are now saying my T is coming from that, they are going to wash my jaw out to try and make my teeth open as i can only open them 15cm but it could make everything else worse. My T never stops is there all the time never goes quite. With the help of people on this forum i have learnt to switch off oh dont get my wrong it is still there.. I have tried all the white noise stuff etc etc and nothing helps sleeping is a nightmare. Ent told me go home and get on with it lol i have severe hearing loss in my left ear so ent has made me a hearing aid i get it 1st June and to be honest i cant wait as every 1 has told me will make my T quieter. Oh believe me i know what you mean when you say you are low some days i just dont want to be here, but every 1 on here has days like that and they are still here.


My bff has the same issues and she feels like she is in H___ on earth. Herpes zoster a form of shingles that gets into your 8th cranial nerve the causes t. It is a virus that usually can be treated with antiviral neds and steroids. If that's what it is will usually go away. My bff is talking to her neurologists on Monday and giving her articles to read about it. Hopefully she will be on the meds soon! I will let you know if it works soon! Look up can viral infections cause tinnitus? Good luck I hope this helps!


Hi Kormish,

Many things can cause tinnitus including the injuries that you have mentioned. However, the most common cause is exposure to loud sound. If you haven’t been exposed to loud noise recently. Or you don’t listen to music through headphones at high volume levels for long periods of time, nor frequently go to places where loud music is played: clubs, concerts including the cinema. Then it is likely your ENT doctor is correct in his or her diagnoses. TRT or Tinnitus Retraining Therapy is one of the best treatments for tinnitus. I have had it twice in 20 years with good results.

Please be aware this treatment is not a quick fix and takes time. Typically, 12 to 18 months and sometimes longer. It involves counselling (talk therapy) sessions with a Hearing Therapist or Audiologist, and wearing two white noise generators for up to 10hrs a day. At bedtime, a sound machine should be placed by the beside and played throughout the night until morning. This supplies your brain and auditory system with sound enrichment and is an important part of the treatment so mustn't be overlooked.

In my opinion, TRT and CBT shouldn’t be started until a person has had tinnitus for at least four months preferably six and the reason is this: The onset of tinnitus can be quite an emotional roller coaster for a lot of people, and I believe a person needs time for this to settle. Many people habituate within the first six months to one year of the onset of tinnitus without any treatment. If a person just has tinnitus without any additional symptoms, such as dizziness, deafness or balance problems. I think a period of six months should elapse before starting a long-term treatment such as TRT.

Your ENT doctor is correct when saying that your tinnitus will gradually reduce and become more manageable. For the majority of people this is the case, so give it time and try not to worry too much. If you are feeling anxious or stressed this is quite normal with the onset of tinnitus and I advise that you have a word with your GP as something might be prescribed to help relax you.

All the best



Hi there

9 out of 10 people habituate to their tinnitus - ie it either goes, or if not, it's in the background and not distressing them.

It can be caused by physical issues, such as problems with the TMJ or fluid on the ear and it is always wisest to get those things dealt with.

To be honest (takes off my BTA hat as I'm speaking in a personal capacity) I'd take an ENT's opinion over a GP's on anything ear related any day of the week as GPs, well meaning though they are, get something like 10 minutes training on audiology topics in their GP training!

Anyway, I hope you get some answers soon. If you are looking for more info on TMJ and tinnitus, you can find it on our website at


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