Hi Folks. At Boots Audiologist for my 80 year old very deaf Mum this afermions ( 1000/100 and totally different to my NHS experience ). I mentioned my tinnitus and that it is now the same as the wng , she mentioned WIDEX which does different ' sounds ' in the aid . I have since Google it and the research and tbh it looks worth a try . Just wondering if anyonwe has any experience of it ? Thanks 😊

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  • I think Davycrocket on here has them!

  • I`ve not experienced WIDEX Lindsay but I have experienced Boot`s excellent service. I was sort of forced into buying my aids after the CCG in their wisdom decided to close our NHS hearing aid service and transferred patients to Specsavers who were then struggling to cope with the demand.

    The WIDEX sounds worth a try. I haven`t got any masking noises in my aids - I`ve had them since November and am more than satisfied with them - I could have had the masking but decided to see how I got on with them as they were. My aids are PHONAK.

    Anything that helps is worth a try.

    Love Lynne xx

  • Thanks Lynne. I haven't got hearing loss but must have very sensitiveaudio pathways. Pleased yours are working for you 😊

  • only rhing ive had is white noise when i first gotT. i bought 2 aids from house of hearing in edin has aremote so you can switch to noise then 2 other hearing modes, they werent cheap 2,000£ but the equalisation in them means theyre not that good to help your hearng even after they gave an ear test so i imagine anything woth multi sounds will be really expensive!!!!

  • Thanks for replying. These ones apparently have 8 types of soothing sound noises - guess like the sound machines BTA et al sell. Boots have quoted me less than 2000 , probably as I only need the wng bit. Thanks again 😊

  • hi lindsay still expemsivethough i bet! what is the wng bit? im baffld here myT is affecting me physically today so loud and feel dreadful sweats anxiety sickmess too!!!!! hope it passes never had it likethis before!!!!! take care crawford

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