Cant cope

Hi every 1 first time i have ever done anything like this but i am at my wits end had T since July 2016 was that bad with it my gp sent me straight to ent. They ordered a mri scan with contrast a ct scan with contrast all came back clear no tumour on my audio nerve.. Sent me to a re educational class for t gave me cds etc etc. Top and bottom of it is nothing is working its there constant never goes away can hear it above people talking Im not sleeping.. Last week i lost my hearing just about in my left ear and the right isnt much better. Got in touch with Audiology who told me you cannot loose your hearing with t i have read a lot about it on the net and a lot web sites say you can loose your hearing has any 1 else lost theirs. Audiology has made me an appointment for 19th April said an hearing aid will help but wont that make the sound louder

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  • Hi Gail,

    Walcome to the BTA community.

    Glad your tests came back ok.

    Tinnitus can make your hearing fluctuate but should not loose total hearing with it unless you have another problem or noise trauma etc.

    Audiology will help see if you need maskers or hearing aids.

    I totally understand how you feel and the unwanted emotions it can bring.

    Try keep relaxing music on around you help you relax and distract you from your sound and play somthing nice help you sleep and keep it low...lots of love glynis

  • Audiology said it would affect my hearing at all it does come and go worse in a morning.He told me he would make me a hearing aid how on earth will that work wont it make it sound louder. When i have the music on low i cant hear it for the buzzing in my head as its so loud. I can only go to sleep when it is quite i just cant stand music tv or any noise when trying to sleep this is why i am having trouble sleeping with the t in my head my brain feels tired with it . thanks for replying Glynis.

  • The hearing aid should amplify external noises which will then make T seem quieter as it will still be the same.

  • Sure hope so im so tired thanks for taking the time to reply

  • Hi Gail, I got hearing aids at the end of February after 9 months of horrendously loud tinnitus and severe hearing loss and they instantly quietened it down massively.

    It's still there when I take them out but it's great when I've got them in, they amplify all the external sounds, quieting down the internal ones-Bev x

  • Hi Bev, like you my t is horrendous driving me mad, and my gp just laughed at me when i said my hearing was just about gone he said if it didn't return in 6 weeks to go back knocked me for 6 just didnt know what to do. Will wear them all the time if i have to just need some rest thanks for taking time to reply Bev x

  • Re-reading your post Gail it sounds like something else has caused your hearing loss, I don't think T in itself can cause actual hearing loss (though I may be completely wrong) there's something else going in there.

    Good luck with audiology they were amazing with me once I finally got referred to them - Bev x

  • I do have tmjd my jaw locks am waiting to have my jaw washed out but the Dr said that wouldn't cause it and all tests where clear It fills as though some 1 has stuffed something in my ear and left it there muffled can hardly hear thanks for all the info Bev x

  • Had a horrendous weekend been dizzy and falling all over

    My daughter frog marched me to A&E this morning

    Realy wasnt intrested seeing i have had so many tests done for tinnitius

    ended up getting a Dr from the maxillofacial unit to come and see me

    As i am under them with tmjd

    My daughter explained what was going on with tinnitus, dizzyness falling and loss of hearing

    He then started to explain well yes i would get all these symptons and more seeing i have

    anterior misalignment or displacement of the articular disk above the condyle

    crepitus in both temporomandibular joints

    masseteric hypertrophy

    I sat there with my mouth open no 1 has ever told me this all i was told was we will wash yr jaw out

    as you have arthritius.

    He then went on to say we will put you on betahistines I said been on them since october

    Oh we will put you on amityptiline been on them 5 years for nerve end pain

    Oh well we will make an appointment for re education for your tinnitus been there done that

    But he said you have to go there before audiology appointment i said i got 1 them 19th

    Well he then replied there isnt anything else i can do for you good day

    He did say that doing arthrocentesis (washing jaw out) could make my tinnitus worse

    and all the other symptons if it did he would botox the masseter muscles i asked if this would stop

    the tinnitus he said No.

    So looks like i have finally found out what has caused the tinnitus and the hearing loss lets just hope

    Audiology can help me.

  • Hi Gail, a hearing aid won't make your tinnitus louder. It will only help you to hear external sounds around you which is a good thing for tinnitus sufferers. The more natural background sounds you can hear the better as it will stop you focusing so much on your tinnitus sound. When we first get T it is only natural to look for solutions which will make the T quieter or even go away altogether. Unfortunately there is no magic pill that will make it go away and the more you try to fight it with no success the worse you feel. It does seem that your T is at the forefront of your thinking at the moment. You are totally focused on it and while this is the case it will be hard to make progress. You must try to accept your T and not fight it. You have to learn to just ignore it. You must distract your mind away from it and focus on things you enjoy doing or which requires your concentration. When you do this you will realise that you haven't noticed your tinnitus for perhaps the last 15 mins. Of course it was still there all the time and when you do notice it it will be as loud as ever, but it does go to show that when you can distract your mind away from it it's pretty much the same as not being able to hear it at all. If you practice ignoring your T soon the 15 mins will turn into 30 mins, then an hour and then much longer. The worse thing for tinnitus sufferers is a quiet room. This is normally the case when we go to bed at night. When there is no other sound we tend to amplify the T sound as there is nothing else to focus on. This is why nearly all of us find it beneficial to play nature sounds at night with the volume set just below that of our tinnitus. Favourite sounds tend to be things like the sea, or rainfall or even electric fans. Let us know how you get on at your audiology appointment. If you do have some hearing loss then a hearing aid should help you to push the T sound to the background which makes it easier to ignore.


  • Thanks for taking the time to reply John. Guess you are right i must be thinking about it all the time but it is so annoying my gp said dont stress about it how can you not stress having this loud sound in yr head all the time its not normal.. Im so mixed up with audiology saying it can affect my hearing then reading on the web sites it does. I just feel as though some 1 is missing something for it to be this loud but i have had all the tests done all clear apart from some abnormal tissue behind my sinuses which they left 3 mths then re scanned me my reply to scan was no new feature so im guessing its nothing to worry about... I dont really stress about anything i just go with the flow so to speak am always active i live in cul de sac 12 bungalows and i look after 6 of the residents i cook and clean etc etc for them so my time is taken up dont have much time to think of anything as they are so demanding lol but wouldn't have it any other way. My last hearing test in october showed just a slight drop in my left ear. Im just so so tired i did try music in the bed room once but i had to have it so loud to just hear it then my neighbour was banging on the wall Sorry for going on just feel so useless have a good day John will let you know how i get on at audiology

  • Hi Gail, yes, hearing aids do quieten tinnitus whilst you are wearing them. Similarly to Mrs Hanson, when I take mine out at night the tinnitus gradually becomes louder. Amitryptiline will calm you down but if you continue to have trouble sleeping ask your doctor for sleeping tablets - I was given zopliclone by my GP which gave me the necessary sleep to help deal with my T. I have also used a sound oasis since I got T - bought from the BTA website - set on rainfall, all night every night.

    There is light at the end of the tunnel Gail, keep posting for support. Love, Angela xx

  • Hi Angela, thanks for your reply am already on amitryptiline 50mg 3 times a day i have tmjd so there to help the nerve ends in my face not that they help lol been on them for years, my gp wont give sleeping tablets out, sure hope yr right about light at end of the tunnel i dont think i can get any lower then i am i put on a brave face day after day but all i want to do is scream .. Thanks for replying

  • Hi again Gail, I got T suddenly 2 yrs ago. My GP gave me Mirtazapine for anxiety and as I was desperate and had'nt slept for weeks gave me a couple of weeks of Zoopiclone. At that time I thankfully found the BTA forum and had good advice. I followed the usual route of ENT, ct scan etc. The hospital audiologist was the best thing that could have happened. I have a hearing aid in Right ear and a masker for the left. My T became quieter. I also went on a CBT course of 6 sessions which helped.

    We're all in this together! Keep posting for the best advice and support. I am off this weekend but will catch up next week. Love and best wishes, Angela xx

  • Thanks for reply Angela have a nice weekend x

  • Yay Gail, I just wanted to say that like you I believed that getting a hearing aid would make my T sound louder so kept putting it off for a long time! I am completely deaf in one ear and the volume of T I hear in that ear 24/7 is just crazy! 6 months ago I got my hearing and it didn't increase the volume of my T at all. In fact I was amazed at all the minor little sounds I'd forgotten I didn't hear any more!

    Unfortunately the slightly better hearing didn't make the volume of my T sound any less or distract me from it but you can't have everything and I am grateful that my hearing has improved so I would urge you to try it and see how you get on.

    Best Wishes


  • Hi Xene So did you go deaf with your t im so confused about it as my audiologist said it will not affect my hearing.. Would just like to say i think this is the best thing i have done to join this group you are all so supportive Have a good day Xene

  • Yay Gail, No my T didn't cause me to go deaf. 30 years ago I had a massive tumour in my head and on its travels from the base of my skull along my neck then up the side of my head and into my brain, it wrapped itself round my inner ear so the surgeons had to remove it all during the op and that's what caused my T along with many other problems!

    Best Wishes


  • Wow you are 1 special brave person ..

  • Hello and welcome. I had sudden sensoneural hearing loss, yes total loss 5 years ago in one ear. Since then it's returned a bit, but distorted, and the tinnitus is sometimes awful. I have hearing aids, but I won't say how they are for me, you need to find out, they help a huge amount of people.

    Good luck.

  • So was yr hearing loss from yr t 1 day mine feels as thought i cannot hear anything then muffled another day and thankyou for replying will give them ago see what happens

  • I now have moderate hearing loss. It took a few weeks from onset to get this far. TBH, think it's worsening now as I have ear fullness. Feels blocked but isn't.

  • Thats what mine feels like as though some 1 has put something in my ear and left it there cant wait for my appointment to come a round thanks for the info have a good day

  • Hi Gail

    Hearing aids are the best way to go, I have mild to moderate hearing loss in both my ears and now wear two HA, you will be surprised at how the HA will quieten the T they do give you some respite from the T, though you will find that when you do take them out the T will return but they do definitely give you some peace and quiet. By the way all good advice from the posters above.

    Keep us all posted


  • Hi Dave, Thanks for replying cant wait for appointment.. Cant you leave them in all the time. Yah is good advice i have read and read it over and over again didnt think so many people had T have a good day

  • Hello Gail

    it's not advisable to wear HA through the night, but I wear mine now for 15 hours plus a day with no problems, hope you get sorted soon.

    Keep us all posted


  • Thanks Dave counting down the days only 10 left to go

  • Hi. Just to send my best wishes and say I understand . My tinnitus us louder than 28,000 fans when I go to football and I too struggle with hearing because my tinnirus us louder than every day sound levels , and the highest volume of radio or TV. It is tiring trying to hear through the tinnitus. My gphone said because I had an MRI 4 years ago when it started ( very quietly ) I can't have another one , so I may go privately. I get through each day by telling myself I have to and gritting my teeth. 😊

  • Mine is loud but not as loud as 28,000 fans at a football match how on earth do you get through each day.. I feel awful here i am moaning about mine and yrs is way louder then mine. Do you have hearing aids...

  • Hi Gail,

    I recently joined this forum and completely understand, so remember you are not alone and John offered some good advice. My story.....

    I was shocked to hear that my only option was a hearing aid with noise generator but in the long run it helps with the tinnitus during the day by amplifying your environment over your tinnitus to distract your brain. My Audiologist was a tinnitus trained and was brilliant with me but I only have moderate hearing loss and Tinnitus in one ear, I can't imagine how to cope with both ears. I have an NHS hearing aid, it's silver and blue and called a Danalogic i-Fit 71 TS to put your mind at ease and I tried several to begin with.

    As with sleeping, initially I had medication but over time you can come off it, go see your GP and everyone is different. I bought a pillow speaker which plugs into my smart phone and play the amazon forest and frog sounds to sleep at night for 2 years. But you can also buy cd's but sharing a bed the pillow speaker was my only option. I no longer use this but do a guided mediation to get me to sleep at night, which helps, try Headspace.

    Finally I am learning to relax and to not get stressed out by the tinnitus but I know that's easier said than done. Try lots of things and eventually you will find something that works for you or a number of solutions to vary. As with everything we all have good and bad days.

    Find a group meditation or mindfulness and there's tones of apps available, some free some you pay for. Yoga class is also good if it has a long relaxation session at the end.

    I now subscribe to audible and listen to audiobooks when I walk, to escape the T!

    Best of luck for your audiology appointment and I wish you well on your journey x x

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