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Hello, my name is Sunny and I am a tinnitus sufferer and "sufferer" is definitely the correct term. I can't put my finger on the exact moment it started but almost three years ago I was sleeping in a very quiet place and suddenly noticed that it's not that quiet, not for me anyway and it has been going on constantly since. It's hard to describe what it sounds like as it's not ringing. It's more like a muted high pitch sound, like there is one cricket in my head that makes one solid continuous chirp or like an electronic sound that a radio makes when there is no transmission. Like a "swooshing" sound. This is the best I can think of to describe but it's still not exactly what it sounds like. All I can say is that it is driving me mad. I always need to to have a radio of a television switched on to help aliviate the noise in my head. one thing I would like to share with other fellow sufferers is that I am using something called " sleepphones" which I wear to bed every night, it's headphones designed especially for sleeping. I play relaxing sounds, meditation , sleep inducing hypnosis or anything that helps sleeping . It blocks the tinnitus and helps quite a bit . I would love to be able to talk to an expert and try and solve the issue. I know it is not in your ears but to do with a signal from the brain into the ear canal. I would love to know if anyone has ever been cured. Thanks for "listening" and wishing you a quiet day.

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  • Hi Sunny just to say a quick hello and interesting post, i have used ocean sounds near to the bed to sleep run on laptop speakers, wouldnt it be great to just get that answer we all seek of this and what causes the problem and this is how we deal with it but we are all different right . i am going to be seeing other specialists in the coming weeks so for sure will keep you and everyone else updated .. end of the day i just guess we all gotta keep the faith ,,

  • Thank you for the welcome ddhola2, and good luck with the specialists, I keep everything crossed for them to find a way to cure it for you. It would be interesting to learn what they told you. I will keep an eye out for an update. 🤞

  • Hi Sunny and welcome to the BTA community.

    Sleepphones can be bought from the BTA shop on the main website.

    I tried them but I find a pillow speaker better for me but know others who like sleepphones also.

    The BTA have a advice line and you can always contact Nic Wray who runs the community If need info your not sure about but we can answer most of them too!.....lots of love glynis

  • Thank you Glyni65, I will def Check it out :)

  • Hello and welcome Sunny512. Thanks for the recommendation for sleepphones - I know a lot of people find them helpful - whether they have tinnitus or not!

  • Thank you for the welcome NicBTA. Funnily enough, I initially bought them because of my husband's snoring but they serve dual purpose now :).

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