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had T for 22 years which I learnt to cope with after many counselling sessions, I actually learnt to live with it then 4 months ago i gain another ring different tone doctor says I have Bilateral T, and im really struggling. the nights are the worst. just concentrating on something simple has become very hard. I joined this site a week ago. and reading the posts, its feels better knowing you can talk to people about it

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  • Hi Aspey, if you had T for 22 years, you have proven how strong you can be. Now that it has changed you need to find another way to cope. My yoga teacher put it very well last week. I had had a bad week and couldn't think straight with work and T being really bad.....he said " the mind changes" was such a simple statement, but it made me think. Now if I'm having a bad day or stress is making it worse, I think if my mind as a separate entity....what would it do if it were me?. It's very powerful ...but if you step bacj from your problem sometimes the mind will tell you what you need.

    I hope you can find a way back through. Yoga and mindfulness work for me ...and surrounding myself with positive people .

    Sending you lots of hope

    Jane x

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  • Hi Aspey,

    Welcome to the BTA forum.

    Tinnitus can change anytime and send us into a bit of a wobble and its adapting and finding ways to help.

    Playing sounds through the night set below your tinnitus can help you sleep and help your brain adapt.

    Also you could try melatonin to help you sleep.

    You have done great coping for so long and im sure you will be ok with this one.

    Try not let all the unwanted emotions take hold and stay positive It might go.

    Lots of love glynis

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  • I've had it 35 years in one ear since 15. It went unnoticed for years until I had a breakdown last May after moving away from living under a noisy neighbour for three years.

    I got screaming noise in that ear and the other also slowly started to join in.

    Nine months on and I do have noise generators but I still find things difficult. Anxiety is a big problem. And concentration at times too.

    You're definitely not alone. I hope you feel a difference soon, however small. That's how it's been with me. Small advances.


  • thanks for your reply your T sounds like mine. I got no sleep again last night trying to block it out is so hard. the more I think about it the worst it becomes. I find when its like this I cannot lie down as when I m horizontal I get very dizzy.


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