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Sleep paralysis

I hope everyone is feeling good. I went to my doc this last Wednesday and he has given me some help with my depression but in all honesty when i was talking to him i felt that i was talking to a brick wall, i felt that he certainly did not understand depression. A question i would like to ask you, my friends is, has anyone experienced " Sleep Paralysis" the other night i woke up, during the night and even though i was awake i just could not move, i tried to open my eyes and i could not do it, i wanted to shout but i couldn't. To be honest it terrified me and i went to bed last night full of fear and trepidation. It has happened to me once before but that was ages ago. Apparently this can happen to people under stress or who are depressed, can anyone help me has it occurred to anyone else and if so how did you handle it.

Best wishes, Pete

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Hi Rolandki,

I haven’t experienced sleep paralysis before and from what you describe I hope that I never do, because it can’t be a pleasant experience. Stress can affect people in many different ways and we all have our own way of coping with it.

However, I believe too much of anything isn’t good and if a person is under too much stress, then they might need specialist advice and support, to help them get their life and back on track.

I remember you mentioned in one of your previous posts, just before Christmas, that you suffer from depression and were having some difficulties with your Son. I hope the relationship between you both has improved.

As you know a GP is not a specialist, but I like to think that when I visit one I will get the care, understanding and help that I need. Touch wood my experience with them has been good up to now. I appreciate some GPs are better than others at tuning into their patient and determining a diagnoses.

I will assume that your depression is on your medical records. Therefore, you might want to discuss with your doctor about being referred to a counsellor or therapist that can help you to deal with issues that may be affecting your life at the moment. It is just a suggestion.

Wishing you all the best



Hi Michael, "Sleep Paralysis"is truely a frightening experience and to be honest the thought of it happening again scares me greatly. You are paralysed untill you fully wake up, you may only be immobile for only minutes but those minutes seem an age and are so scary.

Regards, Pete


Pete.. ..

I would definitely see your doctor about this paralysis as it's happened to you twice now .

...lots of love glynis


Hi Glynis, i have done a bit of on line research and apparently sleep paralysis affects four out of ten people and i did not appreciate that, also its nothing to worry about but they do say that stress and the like can bring it on.

I have a disease called Amyloidosis, its in my bladder so i am quite closely monitored, i go to hospital every six months and i have quite alot of blood tests, i had an ECG last week. I am going to hospital this Wednesday so i will mention it then.

To be honest, i am starting to feel a bit better, thankyou.

Best wishes, Pete x

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Hi Rolandki

I don't suffer with Tinnitus but I do suffer with Depression and Anxiety. I've never heard of sleep paralysis but it sounds awful.

Some Drs are really good and others are almost useless, mental health issues are hard to understand unless you've actually suffered.

I read in one of your earlier posts that you would ask your GP about norotryptoline and I wondered if you've been given them, or any others to try. Let us know how you get on with them if you have.

In the meantime I hope you're having a good day without any tears or worries.

All the best to you.


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Hello Kim, thankyou sincerely for your reply it was indeed much appreciated. There is no doubt about it as you get older,in some of us at least,more and more goes wrong and so it is with me, i have a few things to worry about and me being me i certainly do worry. I take a combination of drugs for this and that and when i look into the possible side effects of these drugs i sometimes wonder what they are doing to me and in conjunction with this we do have a son of 46 who has caused us a mountain of concern and worry.

For my depression i take Mirtazapine and Citalopram but again i worry about possible side effects.

Talking of my son, we have had so much trouble over the years and now i am nearly 73 i want to let go i really want some peace. Am i being cruel to want this, am i being cruel or selfish to tell him no more, please leave us alone. The way i see it to be honest i only have a limited amount of years left and i want them free of worry, if that is possible.

Best wishes, Peter


Hi Peter

I don't think you're being selfish at all, there has to be a point of no return and I think at the age of 46 he should be sorting himself out and leaving you in peace, I feel for you and your wife.

You have your own health problems etc and he is selfish expecting things from you. If he needs medical help or has problems he should consult with the correct people, you have spent years giving him guidance as we all do for our children but it's really time for him to be supporting you now.

I'm sorry that you are suffering with depression and I'm sure the meds you are on will be fine, side effects of meds can be debilitating but I think we'd be worse without them, I was given citalapram but I didn't find them helpful, I now have sertraline but a small dose to start with. I have never tried mirtazepine but I know it helps you sleep because my mum had it in her later years.

I also, am a terrible worrier, my poor husband doesn't know what to say to me at times, we're 60 years in age now and recently retired early, we both have a heart condition and I worry about the pair of us, I know we have to take one day at a time but for me it's 'what if this and what if that'.

Oh well let's see what tomorrow brings.

I notice you live near Bristol and so do I, it's a miserable day but at least we're inside and not outside working.

Best wishes to you Peter



Thankyou for your reply Kimmie, it was very much appreciated. We really have been through the mill with our son but even so i still feel that i must be a bad person to want to let our son go but there comes a time when enough is enough and that time is now. Thankyou for your words of comfort.

Regards, Pete

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Hi Pete, reading your post on sleep paralysis reminded me of my run in with it a good few years back. It totally scared the wotsit (no swearing) out of me! I had it on four consecutive nights with the added fear of some sort of dark figure sitting on my chest holding me down! I never told anyone and convinced myself it was a nightmare.

Fast forward 25 years and I was reading an article in the newspaper on it but what got me was that all six different encounters by others of it virtually were similar to mine or visa versa, talk about deja vous! I've never had it since. After reading your post I googled it but when I started reading posts of demons trying to enter your body etc. I laughed and gave up, I'm not a spiritual person.

I also read about the hard times with your son and I really hope you get it sorted for yourself and your wife. Two phrases my mum always use to say sprang to mind "They don't all live under one roof" and "When they're babies they break your arms and when they grow up they break your heart" Not helpful I know but so very true no matter how old they are!

Take care



Thanyou Xena for your reply concerning my encounter with sleep paralysis. During my life i have had this happen to me about three times and each time it really scared me but now that i have Googled it and i found that on average it happens to one in ten people and that it is nothing to worry about, the next time it happens, if it happens, i will TRY!! to be more relaxed. But and its a BIG!!? BUT it sure is a frightening experience. Regarding my son, our son, he has broken my heart but life goes on and as we are OAP'S we are concentrating on enjoying or getting the best we can out of our remaing years, we are being selfish and concentrating on ourselves. Once again, thanks for your reply.



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