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Reactive Tinnitus?

I wonder if anyone else has the same symptoms? My T can be quite benign and not bother me but when it flares up its affected by the tv, radio, crowd noise and other everyday sounds exhibiting as high pitched squeaking which is pretty unpleasant. This seems to come and go but when it flares its a pain. I've heard the term 'reactive tinnitus', is there such a thing and is there any way of managing this? Cheers, Steve

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Thanks Michael, there's a lot to digest in your article, it's very interesting indeed. I wonder whether I need to discus the possibility of hyperacusis with my audiologist next appointment as it appears from what you say that if the Hyperacusis isn't treated you're likely to be prone to Tinnitus spikes down the line. Many thanks, Steve


Hi Steve. My suggestions were based on personal experience. Your spikes might have nothing to do with hyperacusis. With this in mind I decided to remove my post...

All the best



Hi Michael, thanks, I know it's impossible for you to know the cause, I wish I did! What I have at the moment 'hisses' when I hear certain sounds which I can conceal to a degree with my maskers, but it's really irritating as it particularly noticeable when I'm watching TV or listening to the radio. I need to try to stress less about it as I'm certain it's making the symptoms worse. Steve


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