IronMan athlete living with tinnitus

IronMan athlete living with tinnitus

I'm a 50 something year old, who's found a new lease of life through fitness. My background is in the music industry, artist management and international marketing. I decided a change of direction was necessary about 5 years ago, not only for my own health, but those around me. I first became a qualified personal trainer, specialising in the over 50's market. Enabling me to relate to clients experiences and needs, as I had 'been there, done that'. Then in 2012 I completed my first triathlon and became hooked. I am now a level 2 Triathlon coach and also one of the few UK accredited IronMan coaches. I am also an ALL World IronMan athlete. I suffer hearing loss and tinnitus in both ears and am also very short sighted. I was not going to let this hold me back, but understand totally the debilitating circumstances with having to live and deal in real life with these conditions. Ordinary people, extraordinary goals!

A question, my tinnitus levels can rise when the body is under stress exercising, they often fall once the body has recovered. Is this my perception or is this medically true?

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  • Hi Richard, I'm a newbie on here and it's only 3 months since I developed Tinnitus; so I am no expert! Firstly bravo for your incredible achievement, seriously impressive. I'm 51 and have had a background in cycling, and running to a lesser degree. I have kept up my running recently, but I definitely have a spike in symptoms afterwards, which usually subsides fairly quickly after I cool down, (although having said that, after three runs over the weekend my T is bad today). Anecdotal evidence, but I've found what you've experienced to be true in my case. Cheers, Steve

  • Hi Steve, thanks for the reply. Interesting, hopefully there are some tinnitus health experts on this forum, that can help shed some light and explain the science of "why". I've tried many things to help 'improve' my tinnitus, mindfulness meditation and exercise certainly helps. Cheers, Richard

  • Indeed Richard. I can't imagine not exercising, it is such a mood improver. I too would be very interested to hear if there is any medical reason behind the increase after exercising too. Cheers, Steve

  • Hi Richard. Found your post interesting. I have had tinnitus non stop for 5 weeks. I used

    to do daily exercises, just enhancing flexibility and strengthening. I have found that if I push

    myself my tinnitus also goes up. I am still walking daily which I find helps whilst i am out, but

    then it tends to get louder when I get home. I used to be an athlete when I was younger, but having a bad back limits me now, so exercise is minimumal. I would be interested to know how you motivate yourself to exercise when you know you are going to suffer with tinnitus after.

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