This is a very strange place!!

I feel like a new boy at school, don't know where anything is or who is here!

But I guess we are all new here, so we will learn together?

My first impressions are that the BTA forum will lose its identity as it is no longer attached to the BTA site, it is just another forum hosted by a health board. Maybe the flip side is that open access will giver greater footfall and make the experience a bit livelier. However, I can't help feel that something has been lost in the process.

I hope that one thing that has not been lost is the history from the previous forum, but I cannot see how that can migrate when names being used are different even if only slightly?

The other strange bit is when you click on a persons name you will see posts from other areas of the health board if they have posted with other conditions. Not sure how appropriate that is? When I am on a tinnitus forum not sure that I want to know what other health conditions people might have.

Rant over!


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  • I agree with you Jim. The old forum was easy to understand and clearly laid out. The only negative was the waiting time to join. This new forum does not look as professional as the old one, neither does the new BTA website. Hope we don't lose any of the "old" regulars. Angela xx

  • Hi Jim nice to see you...lots of love glynis

  • Hi Jim, I agree too - it was easier before. also, wouldn't want people to see my other health conditions either haha. XOXO

  • Hi Jim. It is nice to see you and hope that you are keeping well.

    All the best


  • A forum is only as good as it's members. I think for a while the old forum became a bit over negative. Hopefully now that newbies can feel immediately welcome, it will be of more benefit to them.

  • Hi jim, its all a bit strange but Im sure it will become just as familiar as the old bta forum eventually. Don't recognise everyone though so wish we could have kept old names but looks like that wasn't possible. I cant get onto new BTA website either so hoping Nic will help me out next week. Lesley x

  • The changes aren't ideal for us users so it remains to be seen how well we each adapt to the new scheme of things. I've yet to try again accessing the new-structure BTA website - perhaps we each need to create a new member-account?...

  • I have to say I don't like the new forum format. When I visit a forum I like to see all the different topics listed and an indication of when someone has posted some new content to that topic. At least the old BTA forum had that. There was nothing wrong with it apart from the lack of personal messaging and the wait to register. I'm almost tempted to start my old tinnitus forum up again (almost but not quite lol).

    I'm very much afraid that all of the old posts from the BTA forum will be lost which is a great shame.


  • I agree, great we still have a BTA forum but shame not on the main BTA websight .

    Easy to do on my phone and I know we can get the new forum up and running a treat.

    Hope our old posts can get saved but I dought it....

    Least we still have our wealth of knowledge in our heads to support members and make it a lovely place to come for help and support....lots of love glynis

  • Hi - I think if you click 'private' in your profile then people can't see your other health communities?

  • Hello there.

    Unfortunately, it was not possible to have a forum on the new style website, so we felt this was a suitable alternative, and one used by many organisations in a similar situation. We feel it's the people that make the community, not the location, and everyone who had registered and/or posted on the forum in the last two years received an email notifying them of the change and our new home.

    You can change set your user name to the same as before, and if you'd like help changing it, I can assist - and Glynis knows too, don't you? :)

    There are ways of making sure your posts in other places can't be seen - the Help file will show you how to change your settings. If you don't want your posts here to be seen, under the text post are two buttons - click on "post to this community only"

    If you've any other questions or comments, please do ask. If you don't want to ask them publicly, drop me a message or email me at

    Best wishes


  • I do Nic,

    With healthunlocked you can change it twice so choose wisely....lots of love glynis

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