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Brain Tumor


Hi My daughter aged 6 years complained severe headache. As part of the treatment we went with CT, MRI. Doctor said he saw there was a blockage between 3rd and 4th ventricle and did Endoscopic surgery and later sent the lesion for biopsy. Biopsy report came as Oligodendroglioma Gr-2. At the time of surgery tumor size was 1.6 cm. He said the location of the tumer is in critical so we need to go for Radiation.

We proceed with Radiation and before that again lesion sent for test and that report came as Anaplastic Clear Cell Ependimoma Gr-3.

Based on the report our doctor Radio Oncologist started Radiation for 22 sittings and 2 sittings for cyberknife. But during the course he also observed that cells started in spine as well so he given cyberknife boost for spine as well and followed by radiation for entire brain and spine so that it won't spread. Total process completed in the first week of July-16. and we took latest MRI on July 11.

After completion of radiation for both spine and brain tumor size reduced 40%.

Our doctor told that based on the nature of the tumor we don't have any chemo for this except radiation and it may reoccur again.

Reason for asking question is now my daughter not feeling hungry and not taking food properly. Can you please suggest any latest medicine available for the tumor mentioned above?

Also please suggest what kind of food we need to give to her to improve her immunity system. For this can we also try Homeo medicine?

Please help me.